Update: Gun Safe Lights from Gun Digest


These gun safe lights from Gun Digest easily install in any gun safe, use AAA batteries and offer motion-detecting LED illumination for hands-free use.

Update: Gun Safe Lights are sold out in the Gun Digest Store – However…

Check out these great alternatives available on Amazon. Motion Sensing, Battery Operated, Affordable, Adhesive lights to brighten any safe when you need them:

Just Say “No” to Dark Gun Safes

In the tradition of the best-selling Snagmag concealed carry ammunition holster, Gun Digest is proud to partner with Mr. Beams to present the latest “wish I’d thought of that” product: Gun Safe Lights. Available exclusively at GunDigestStore.com, these lights solve one of the most common problems in firearms: a dark gun safe.

Simple, Effective, Easy-to-Install Gun Safe Lights

Best gun safe lightsNot everyone has a top-of-the-line, deluxe gun safe with built-in lights. However, most gun owners keep their safes in basements, closets, beneath staircases and other obscure parts of the home. That usually means the first step to opening the safe is grabbing a flashlight.

The Gun Safe Lights from Gun Digest free up both your hands and provide plenty of light no matter where the safe is located. Using an adhesive strip and/or screws (included), this two-pack of Gun Safe Lights install in any safe in a matter of minutes. The long-lasting LED lights turn on and off automatically whenever the door is opened or shut. There are no buttons to press. These lights offer 100 percent hands-free operation.

Even better, the Gun Safe Lights use AAA batteries. There are no wires to string across the safe or specialty batteries to order. Each Gun Safe Light is self-contained, so you’ll have access to your firearms, ammunition and other important items during any emergency.

Only $19.99 for a Two-Pack

Staying true to the simple philosophy of this new product, Gun Digest is offering a two-pack of these gun safe lights for only $19.99. Batteries aren’t included, but you’ll get adhesive strips, screws and the Gun Digest logo on each pair of lights.

Gun Safe Light Recommendations

Universal gun safe lightsThe Gun Safe Lights are universal, but there are some considerations for your gun safes.

For smaller safes, Gun Digest recommends at least two lights. For medium to larger safes, at least four lights are suggested. If your gun safe has shelving, get a pair of lights for each shelf.

When using the adhesive strips, keep in mind the bond is the strongest when first installed inside the gun safe. Repositioning the light a second or third time loosens that adhesive bond. Depending on your gun safe, you may want to use the adhesive strip or the screws.

Excellent as Gifts for Gun Owners

These new Gun Safe Lights will fit perfectly into any gun safe – or stocking hung with care.

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