Liberty Introduces Slew of New Handgun Safes

Liberty Introduces Slew of New Handgun Safes

From traditional key locks to futuristic biometric entry, Liberty's new handgun safes are designed to meet almost every need and desire.

Secure, yet accessible — talk about a paradox. Yet, nowadays, this is exactly what handgun safe makers offer shooters. Incredible advancements in engineering and materials have made gun vaults tougher than ever. At the same time, gun owners can retrieve their firearms in the wink of an eye through these safes’ cutting-edge entry systems. Truly, modern day gun safes are nearly all things to all people. And recently, Liberty Safes released a complete line of storage options for handguns that look to meet shooters’ every need and situation. So, without further delay here’s a look at the Utah company’s newest handgun safes, which range from traditional keyed entry to futuristic biometric locks.

HD-90HD-90 Key Vault
Like its name suggests, this vault is a more traditional option, utilizing keyed entry. This feature helps shooters save a bit of money, while getting the peace of mind of the reliable method of entry. But Liberty has not scrimped on this affordable option. Constructed of rugged 16-gauge steel, the 5-pound vault can take a licking and still not give up its goods. And its compact size (2.5”x10.8”x8.3”) makes it an ideal fit to stow away in a drawer, nightstand, suitcase, or even underneath a vehicle seat. The unit comes with a security cable that adds an additional layer of security. MSRP $49.



HD-100HD-100 Quick Vault
For those hunting for security, accessibility and portability, this might be the vault that they’ve been after. The HD-100 features a four-button combination entry system that allows for extremely fast access to a firearm. Aiding this process is a piston-assisted opener, which lifts the vault’s lid once it is unlocked, and a lighted interior. The unit is powered off a 9V battery and includes a backup keyed entry, incase the electric entry runs out of juice. The 6-pound vault is constructed from 16-gauge steel and comes with a security cable. The safe’s size (2.5”x10.8”x8.3”) makes it perfect as a home-based option or one destine for the road. MSRP $109.


HDX-150HDX-150 Smart Vault
With an entry system as unique as its users, Liberty’s Smart Vault offers unparalleled security and speed. A biometric finger swiper allows access to the safe in a moments notice — around 1 second when on AC power and 2 seconds when running off a 9V battery. The unit has been upgraded with Liberty’s fifth-generation biometric technology, giving shooters one of the most reliable systems on the market. The entry system is also versatile, allowing 15 different fingerprints to be programed. And there are no worries if the unit is out of juice since it has a key backup entry. The 9.5-pound safe is the right size (12.5″ x 8.75″ x 2.25) for a home, office or vehicle. It comes with a security cable. MSRP $199.


HD-200HD-200 Quick Vault
Liberty has engineered its HD-200 Quick Vault for extremely fast access. Utilizing the company’s four-button touch pad, the safe’s combination can be quickly entered. But that is not the only feature that speeds up the retrieval process. The unit also has an auto-open door that drops once unlocked. The front door has also been angled, providing great visibility and access to the interior. The safe has a key backup, incase its 9V battery runs dry. The 10-pound unit is the ideal size (5.4″ x 12.4″ x 8.5″) for under a bed, in a close of on a nightstand. As an added layer of security, the unity has mounting holes on its bottom, allowing it to be bolted down. MSRP $129.


HDX-250HDX-250 Smart Vault
Speed counts when it comes to firearms retrieval. And with the HDX-250 Smart Vault, Liberty offers gun owners one of the quickest entry systems on the market today. The company’s fifth-generation biometric finger swipe technology takes mere seconds to access the safe — 1 second with AC power and 2 second on DC. The unit can be programed to recognize up to 15 fingerprints and comes with a key backup. The safe has an auto-open door and interior lighting, making firearm retrieval even easier. Made from 14-gauge steel, the 15-pound unit is just the right size for a closet, nightstand or bookshelf. MSRP $249.


HD-300HD-300 Quick Vault
The HD-300 Quick Vault gives the option of stowing multiple guns and other valuables, while still allowing fast access. The safe is large enough (8.3″ x 13.9″ x 10.1″) to hold a number of firearms, important papers and other loot. But it is not so big as to be difficult to place in a home or office. The unit features a four-button keypad, which can be programed for more than 1,000 combinations. It also has a key entry, incase the 9V battery runs dry. The safe is outfitted with an automatic-opening door and has a lighted interior. The 13-pound vault has mounting holes on its bottom, allowing it to be bolted down. MSRP $159.


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