Concealed Carry In The Heat

Concealed Carry In The Heat
When the IWB is tucked properly, the pistol disappears.

I'm a firm believer there is nothing fun about being outside in really oppressive heat. Over the Independence Day holiday I spent several fun-filled hours with sweat running down the inside of my body armor and my duty belt digging into my hips…but I digress. As far as concealed carry goes, hot weather is a pretty big challenge. Still, you have some options. First and foremost, you might want to switch to a smaller gun. I know, I've told people time and time again: Same gun, same place, every time. But maybe you could adopt a summer uniform. While I typically carry a Glock 22, my summer pistol is a Kel-tec P-11. That little pistol is just easier to hide and some of the newer IWB holsters make concealed carry (with any sized pistol really) so much easier.

An IWB holster is perfect for summer concealment.

Here are a couple things to remember about concealed carry in the heat. Go untucked if you can. A Hawaiian shirt of appropriate length is a great cover garment for a concealed pistol in an IWB holster. If you must tuck in a shirt, get a tuckable

When the IWB is tucked properly, the pistol disappears.

IWB holster and move in front of a mirror to make sure you have good coverage. One more hint is to put something between the grip and your body. Wear an undershirt or get a holster with a panel that keeps the gun away from your skin. I learned that the hard way with my little Kel-tec after I stippled the polymer frame. That great gripping surface I created suddenly felt like sandpaper against my skin. And the reality is I will be carrying that gun more often than I will be shooting it, so it needs to be comfortable to carry. I “adjusted” the stippling and got a holster I like… things are much better now.

Another think to think about with IWB carry is the size of your waistband. Remember, even a slim gun tucked inside the waistband will add some inches. So, if you usually wear a 36-inch waist, buy 38s to make sure you are comfortable carrying your .38. And, as always, wear a good belt. A regular dress belt will not support your pistol and a simple woven cotton summer belt is even worse. Look for a reinforced belt to keep your pistol in place.

So, before you go armed this summer, think ahead and get your kit in order.

Other great books for those who carry concealed handguns:

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  1. I have tried several IWB holsters and gun cuts into my side. So I’ve resorted to an OWB holster for comfort but those don’t hug the body very good. I can’t believe there a IWB holster that can be worn comfortably….My P-11 and SCCY 9mm are not heavy guns. I think both weight about 1 pound loaded…

  2. I too live in Florida, and with the advent of hot weather returning to the sunshine state, and a new every day carry, I have had to get a bit creative in how I carry my sidearm. I’ve taken to wearing a Tshirt and putting a button up shirt over that..with out buttoning up the shirt for easier access to my pistol if need be. I also have a sleeveless shirt I can throw over my T shirt if I’m just going over to my friends or whatever.

    Before this year my EDC weapon was a Kel-Tek P-11, nice little pistol fits in the pocket of my cargo shorts and ya can’t tell its even there.. Earlier this year I bought a Citadel compact .45 which I absolutely love..feels good in the hand, shoots well, but all I have to carry it in is a OWB holster. Its cheap but effective, I’m not real hot on the IWB holsters, partly due in fact maybe that I haven’t found the right one.

    Maybe I can find a decent holster next weekend at the gun show that’s coming, or maybe do a bit more research and order one from a reputable company. Great article, has some really good tips for warm/hot weather carry.

  3. If you use a Crossbreed SuperTuck Deluxe with Velcro hooks that will fasten to the inside of the belt, the hooks will not show. You can order good belts from them with the Velcro already installed or order the Velcro and install it onto your current belt. The Crossbreed holsters have a leather or horsehide panel that fits between your weapon and you to keep the weapon from rubbing your skin. The horsehide does not absorb the perspiration so it stays dry. Important for a Florida carry.


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