5.11 Tactical No-Battery Light Sets New Standard


The flashlight of tomorrow is here today. In early 2009, tactical clothing and gear leader 5.11 Tactical Series® will launch an extraordinary rechargeable flashlight that is faster, more cost effective and friendlier to the environment than any other flashlight in history.

The Ultimate Convenience and Performance

Powered by a sophisticated energy management system, 5.11’s Light for Life™ UC3.400™ Flashlight fully charges in 90 seconds and delivers up to 23.5 hours of total runtime (98% uptime) in a 24-hour period. This revolutionary performance compares with charge times ranging from four to 12 hours, and runtime rates ranging from 9% to 25% for duty flashlights currently on the market.

The UC3.400 contains no batteries, but rather a sophisticated energy management system called FlashPoint? Power Technology. This technology utilizes environmentally friendly ultracapacitors that work together with revolutionary computer circuitry to efficiently manage how energy is loaded into the flashlight, and then optimizes how the energy is dispersed to maximize both performance and runtime.

Unlike costly batteries that need to be replaced, ultracapacitors quickly load and unload energy without a chemical reaction. The UC3.400 is rated for 50,000 charge/discharge cycles with virtually no degradation and no memory ¬– even in severe temperature conditions. That’s one charge a day for more than 135 years! Current rechargeable flashlights begin to lose the ability to hold a full charge after the first use, are highly susceptible to temperature fluctuations, and have an expected life of 500 to 1,000 charge/discharge cycles (one to three years expected for a professional user) before the battery must be replaced at a substantial cost.

The high-performance Light for Life UC3.400 produces 270 peak lumens in bright mode, 90 lumens in standard mode, and has a 270-lumen tactical strobe. The three LED bulbs on the flashlight are rated for 50,000 hours and never have to be replaced. At about 16 oz., the flashlight weighs approximately half as much as competitors’ full-size duty flashlights.

Return on Investment

Because the flashlight runs on ultracapacitors instead of batteries and utilizes 3 LEDs that are rated for 50,000 hours each, and it has no replaceable parts to buy or dispose of, it’s incredibly economical and environmentally friendly.

The Light for Life UC3.400 is constructed of top-quality materials to 5.11’s exacting specifications, and is precision engineered to offer at least a decade of maintenance-free operation under typical conditions. It’s also backed by a generous limited lifetime warranty covering normal on-duty/off-duty wear. In addition, with the ability to fully recharge in 90 seconds and no batteries, there’s a reduced need for professionals to carry multiple flashlights for security and safety.

When you factor in the price of the flashlight, zero maintenance or outlay for batteries and bulbs, and reduced electricity costs, you’re looking at an impressive return on investment. At a retail price starting at $169.99 with nothing to replace over the course of 10 years, the Light for Life UC3.400 has the lowest operating cost of any duty flashlight on the market. You can expect a minimum overall operational cost savings of at least 40% – making this flashlight a fiscally responsible move for you and your organization.

Rugged and Environmentally Friendly

Made of a firearm-grade high-strength polymer, the 11.5” UC3.400 casing is fully sealed against the elements. It’s abrasion, crack and bend-resistant. The temperature-tolerant ultracapacitors are rated at -40° F to 149° F (-40° C to 65° C). Also, the water-resistant, ruggedly built UC3.400 flashlight features solid-state construction.

Because the ultracapacitors are made of mostly carbon and aluminum, the UC3.400 contains no heavy metals. Since there are no batteries to replace, there is not only savings in the cost of the batteries, but also for the environment, as heavy metals in traditional batteries are extremely harmful to the ecosystem. Also, batteries can leak and are potentially explosive. The UC3.400 is also RoHS compliant. The fact is, the Light for Life UC3.400 is one of the most “green” tactical light sources on the planet. It generates minimal waste and uses less energy, thereby making it a responsible use of resources.

The Light for Life UC3.400 comes with a 12V DC charging base that plugs into a car, as well as a mounting plate and a belt ring. A full line of accessories will also be available including lens filters, flare cones, holsters and an AC adapter.

“This marks the beginning of a bold new era in flashlight technology,” says 5.11 Tactical CEO Dan Costa. “The ingeniously designed Light for Life UC3.400 is so superior and innovative that it actually renders all others obsolete. It literally revolutionizes and transforms the portable rechargeable lighting industry.”

Costa continues, “Ten years from now, after tens of thousands of charges, you’ll still be able to depend on the Light for Life flashlight to get out there and work for you every day.”

Now Accepting Preorders

The Light for Life UC3.400 is the first product of its kind in the world. Priced from $169.99, the flashlight will be available in early 2009. For a limited time only, 5.11 is offering free “Light for Life” t-shirts by mail-in postcard. 5.11 Tactical is currently taking individual and department flashlight preorders. Please visit www.511tactical.com today to locate your nearest 5.11 Dealer and secure your Light for Life UC3.400 flashlight.

About 5.11 Tactical Series®

Located in Modesto, California, 5.11 Tactical Series creates innovative, user-required products that enhance the safety, speed and performance of law enforcement, military and fire/EMS professionals. Built on a foundation of durability, quality and value, 5.11 Tactical’s team of more than 200 employees leads the industry in delivering functionally innovative gear, head to toe. The company was ranked #211 on the 2007 Inc. 500 list. Learn more about 5.11’s best-selling tactical clothing, station wear, uniforms, outerwear, footwear and accessories at www.511tactical.com.


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