First Look: Vortex Banshee And Jackal Shooting Glasses

First Look: Vortex Banshee And Jackal Shooting Glasses

Vortex Optics has just launched its first eyewear, featuring two styles of glasses that offer protection from both the sun and the dangers of the range.

When you’re around gunfire, you need to be wearing ballistic eye protection. Everyone who shoots steel targets with handguns has felt some shrapnel come back at them before. When it’s in the leg, no problem, but you don’t want that hitting your eye. When it comes to shooting safety glasses, however, not all offer protection against the sun as well, and even fewer look good while doing it. Vortex Optics has decided to try and tackle all three at the same time with its new line of Jackal and Banshee eyewear.


The Vortex Eyewear line currently features two styles of glasses, each available with your choice of lens color. The Jackal is more of a sport or wraparound style, and the Banshee is more of a classic wayfarer style. Whichever model suits you better, both offer the same benefits. Primarily, that includes shatter-resistant lenses and construction featuring ballistic-rated materials to protect your eyes at the range. For comfortable use while shooting, they also have anti-reflective properties, a non-slip bridge and temples and they’re designed to be worn with earmuffs. And, of course, the scratch- and smudge-resistant lenses are polarized and offer 100% UV protection.


Both styles of Vortex Eyewear are available now and share an MSRP of $179.99. Each pair will also ship with a protective case and a microfiber cloth and are backed by Vortex’s lifetime VIP warranty.

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