Viridian HS1 Laser-Sight Hand Stop Pulls Double Duty

Viridian HS1 Laser-Sight Hand Stop Pulls Double Duty

Viridian HS1 2

Dual purpose and on target, the Viridian HS1 keeps you in control and on the mark.

What the HS1 Brings To Your AR:

  • M-Lok Mounts
  • Pressure Pad Activation
  • Daytime-visible Green Laser
  • Ergonomic Design for Pistols and Rifles
  • Single 1/3n battery
  • Adjustable for Windage and Elevation

Simple concepts oftentimes prove the most useful. That perfectly pegs Viridian's new addition to its catalog.

Pulling double duty, the HS1 is the first and only hand stop laser sighting device on the market. Hard to believe it’s taken this long for someone to cook up this concept, given the AR-15 is more than a half-century old. Yet it should prove mighty versatile as a quick acquisition, low-light option.

“The HS1 combines the functionality of an AR hand stop with the rapid target acquisition provided by a Viridian green laser,” said Brian Hedeen, President and CEO at Viridian. “The combination makes for a much more ergonomic rifle and cuts down on the attachments that add bulk to a gun’s foregrip.”

Where the Viridian HS1 might prove most fruitful is attached to AR pistols and short-barreled rifles (for those who have the pocket change to afford the latter). Generally speaking, both benefit from a hand stop, if for no other reason than keeping digits from creeping dangerously close to the muzzle. Add in a laser sight and you’ve got a tidy and fast close-quarters aiming system. Though, don’t discount its usefulness on a carbine either.

Viridian HS1 1

As to the particulars of the Viridian HS1, it uses a highly visible green laser, which extends its use to some daylight applications. M-Lok mounts make it compatible with a wide spectrum handguards. And it has a simple operating system, powering on via a pressure pad on the stop. As expected, the laser sight is fully adjustable for bullet drop and windage and is a relatively light power user, running off a single 1/3n battery.

Of course, given the extended functionality of the Viridian HS1, it does cost more than the average hand stop with an MSRP of $179. But those in search of a fast and accurate close-in aiming solution for their AR that should prove a value.

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