Winchester Ammunition Looking To Relocate From Its East Alton Facility


Winchester to move its manufacturing facilities.As The Telegraph reported, “Other sources said the firm is talking about moving the operation, which represents about 1,000 jobs, to Oxford, Miss., the same location where the firm moved its Rimfire manufacturing operation in 2004. An employee said a manager read a formal statement to workers [recently]….The statement said that the move would be completed in the next three to five years.”

Winchester spokeswoman Val Peters admitted that the company was in discussion with union representatives with regard to a move, but would not confirm a time frame for such a relocation.

“Winchester moved its Rimfire operation to Oxford in 2004, along with about 150 jobs and a $3.5 million payroll,” The Telegraph noted. “The Rimfire operation makes primarily .22-caliber ammunition. Centerfire includes larger-caliber ammunition. Olin also makes shotgun shells and military ammunition at its Winchester plant in East Alton. When the company moved its Rimfire operation to Mississippi, officials said the move was to reduce costs and improve efficiency.”

The potential loss of 1,000 jobs was a big worry for River Bend Growth Association Executive Director Monica Bristow. “Losing jobs of any kind is hard on a region,” Bristow said. “It impacts unemployment and a wide range of issues.”

Source: The Telegraph 8/5/10

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