Video: Bullet Selection in Windy Conditions


Choosing the right bullet for the intended application and the given conditions is important in virtually all aspects of shooting. Whether you're competing in a long-range shooting event or hunting whitetail in timber, bullet selection matters.

This can be especially true when the wind kicks up and you need a bullet that will buck the wind and stay on target. The less wind the shooter has to compensate for, the easier it is to put shots on target reliably.

In the video above, Gun Digest contributor Phil Massaro discusses two different bullets and loads used on a recent prairie dog hunt in South Dakota: the American Eagle Varmint & Predator 50-grain jacketed hollow point (JHP) and the Federal Premium 62-grain Trophy Bonded Tip. Massaro compares their velocity figures and terminal performance, and perhaps most crucially, their trajectories in windy conditions to show just how important bullet selection can be.

Check out the video, and visit the Federal Premium website for more information on the company's extensive line of ammunition.

Bullet Selection -GD-GD2017-knifebundle-640


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