Traditions-Mountain-Rifle-2Traditions Firearms is a well-respected name when it comes to both modern and reproduction muzzleloader designs, and the company has recently announced the introduction of a new gun that should excite fans of historical firearms.

Dubbed the Mountain Rifle by Traditions, the gun is based on Jacob and Samuel Hawken’s classic Hawken rifles. Also known as “plains rifles,” these types of rifles featured a longer barrel and were instrumental to fur trappers and explorers during much of the 19th century.

The new Traditions Mountain Rifle is chambered for .50-caliber projectiles and is available in flintlock or percussion versions. It looks very similar to “plains rifles” of that time period, even mirroring the original’s rust-brown barrel finish with a more modern and corrosion-resistant Brown Cerakote finish. The rifles are equipped with a 32-inch octagonal barrel with a 1:48-inch twist, Patch Box, custom scrolled trigger guard, double set trigger, wooden ramrod, hexagonal thimbles, two tennon design and adjustable rear sight.

The Traditions Mountain Rifle is also available in a Build-It-Yourself kit, again, in either a flintlock or percussion model. This allows shooters to build the rifle as they see fit. Mountain rifles built from this kit will lack the Cerakote finish on the barrel and will have an unfinished stock, but this permits customization in the building process to fit specific tastes.

Traditions is currently shipping these products. For more information on the new Traditions Mountain Rifle, visit the Traditions website.