Sig Sauer Releases New Supersonic .300 Blackout Ammo

Sig Sauer Releases New Supersonic .300 Blackout Ammo

300 Blackout
Sig Sauer is perhaps best known for its firearms, but the company is working its tail off to make a name for itself in another sector.

In recent years, the European/American company has expanded its operations into ammunition manufacturing. First it introduced premium self-defense handgun ammunition, then this past year it moved into rifle rounds.

Sig continued in this direction this past month introducing its second rifle cartridge. And while it is for the same firearm as the first, the round is a logical addition to the company’s catalog.

Sig’s newest offering is a supersonic 300 Blackout round that plays a perfect compliment to the subsonic load it kicked the line off with. And much like the more suppressor-friendly round, the company looks to have turned an eye toward performance.

Like its subsonic counterpart, the 300 Blackout Supersonic Elite Performance Ammunition is topped with a Sierra Matchking bullet. However, Sig has opted for a lighter 125-grain projectile for the round.

The new 300 BLK ammo achieves solid ballistics with Sig listing the round’s muzzle velocity at 2,200 fps. And with the Matchking’s superior ballistic characteristics, the bullet loses less than 200 fps over the course of 100 yards.

Sig originally ventured into rifle ammunition around the 2015 SHOT Show introducing a 220-grain subsonic 300 BLK round. This coincided with the company also expanding into silencer production.


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