The .450 only fits into the AR magazine by slipping it under the feed lips.

.450 Bushmaster Ammo: Is There A Cheap Way To Keep One Fed?

Staying flush in .450 Bushmaster ammo, given its price, can prove a challenge. That is unless you take its production into your own hands.
With just hand strength to seat primers, as well as poor leverage, you have great sensitivity about just how the task is going.

Reloading: The Art of Seating Primers by Hand

Seating primers by hand is time consuming, sometimes arduous and a must for building those rounds that really matter.
Defenseive Bullets 9

Dissecting Threat-Stopping Bullets

Build a better understanding of the terminal performance of defensive bullets and you'll find the one that will save your life.
5mm Aguila 1

Ammo Brief: 5mm Remington Rimfire Magnum

The 5mm Remington Rimfire Magnum is nearly gone, but certainly not forgotten.
These are the author’s favorite three powders from the Hodgdon Extreme line. You can cover a lot of ground with just these propellants.

Reloading: Hodgdon Extreme Powder—The Consistent Choice

Engineered to produce velocities as regular as clockwork, the Hodgdon Extreme Powder line delivers what reloaders chase—consistency.

Win a CASE of Berger Ammunition! #MadeIntheUSAGiveaway

Unrelenting in design and execution, the new Berger Bullets Long Range Hybrid Target bullets are engineered for hair-splitting accuracy.

Ammo Brief: The Hot And Flexible .22-250 Remington

A long-time wildcat cartridge, the .22-250 Remington has grown to become a favorite of bench-rest shooters, varmint hunters and even deer hunters in some parts of the country.
The author’s Heym Express by Martini in .404 Jeffery gives excellent accuracy with handloaded ammunition.

Reloading: The Endless Chase For Velocity

Chasing velocity while maintaining accuracy is a maddening quest, one that requires the willingness to experiment and be flexible with expectations.
To finish out the custom Glock project of the big 10mm G40 MOS, the author had a Match Target barrel installed by Bar-Sto Precision Machine. It proved to be a wise choice, with improved accuracy and the versatility to reload 10mm ammo.

Custom Glock G40: Bar-Sto Match Target Barrel Review

The author builds the ultimate custom Glock with a Bar-Sto Match Target barrel. Improved accuracy and spent cases that can be reloaded are among some of the benefits.
Reloading tools die

Reloading Tools: Accessorize Your Reloading Bench

Game-changing reloading tools that make the handloading much more enjoyable.
Progressive Press lead

Keeping Your Progressive Press Running Smooth

If you want to craft great ammo, take care of your progressive press. Here’s how.
300 H&H Magnum Factory Loaded Cartridge

Why The .300 H&H Magnum Still Endures

The .300 H&H Magnum might be old, but it's certainly not dead.
Annealing Brass 4

Annealing Brass For Reloaders: Firing Up Your Case’s Lifespan

Want more bang for your buck at the reloading bench? Learn the fine art of annealing brass.
Belted Cases 2

Is There Much Future For The Belted Magnum?

Is the heyday of the belted magnum case over? Don't expect them to disappear overnight, but given some inherent design flaws don't expect any new renditions in the future.
Reloading Solutions 5

What To Do When Your Rifle Absolutely Hates All Factory Ammo?

No matter the factory ammo, some rifles are just plain dogs. Or are they? The right handload might change your perspective and the gun's performance.
375 Renner

Ammo Brief: The Niche .375 Renner

A single-shot rifle specialist, the .375 Renner is not widely known, but is more than effective on a wide range of game.



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