Iowa Governor Branstad Rejects Lead Shot Ban for Dove Hunting

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad
Terry Branstad, governor of Iowa.

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad has rescinded a rule against use of lead ammunition in dove hunts.

The Iowa Natural Resources Commission, a citizens' panel appointed by the governor, passed that rule last year, over claims that lead shot for dove hunting was, somehow, a threat to human health.

“That upset some hunters and some gun advocates. In response, the Legislature's Administrative Rules Review Committee agreed in August – about a month before the new dove season – to postpone enactment of the rule,” the Des Moines Register reported.  “The Iowa House this year passed a resolution to nullify the rule and allow lead shot, but the measure died in the Senate, where it was not called for a vote. Had the governor not stepped in, the ban could have become effective this fall.”

Of note, though, Branstad didn't rescind the no-lead rule over the human health issue.

“The determination of whether hunters should be forced to stop using traditional shot is something that should be decided by the Legislature, not by administrative fiat,” Branstad said, before signing an executive order lifting the ban.

“We support the governor's decision to do what we view is the right thing to protect the rights of Iowans,” said Jeff Burkett, president of the Iowa Firearms Coalition.

Source: Des Moines Register

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