Video: Kelly McMillan Discusses Bank of America’s Anti-Gun Discrimination


In this video, National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR) Executive Vice President Dudley Brown interviews Kelly McMillan about Bank of America's refusal to do business with his company. McMillan is the director of operations for McMillan Group International, a manufacturer of firearms and accessories.

For more background, click here to read Gun Digest‘s article on the McMillan-Bank of America controversy.



  1. I have had a similar experience with BoA. I needed paperwork notarized for a gun trust and called and asked if they provided notarization services for trusts. They confirmed that they did, but upon arrival, they stated that they had a policy that prohibited them from notarizing gun trusts. I reiterated that by notarizing, they were simply affirming that I signed in their presence and not the contents of the agreement, but they flatly refused. Perhaps there is justifcation for their refusal beyond institutional discrimination against lawful gun ownership, but that seems unlikely.


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