Chaffetz Bill Would Require Government to Resell Shell Casings


For four days in March, gun owners across the country were up in arms about a Department of Defense decision to not resell its spent brass casings.

The DOD sells more than 100 million used casings a year — in .223 and .308 variants — to businesses such as Georgia Arms, near Atlanta, which in turn reloads the cartridges and sells them to the public.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz says the decision not to resell was made intentionally by the Obama administration, and he plans to introduce legislation to ensure it doesn't happen again.

It was “a concerted effort by this administration to short the supply” of ammunition, said the 3rd District Republican who views it as back-door gun control.

Georgia Arms co-owner Larry Haynie agrees. He said he was told by government officials that it was a clerical error.

“Hell no,” he said when asked if he believed that. “That's just the government catch-all right there.” Read more

Source: Daily Herald



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