Federal Premium Introduces Power-Shok Copper


nr16_FP_PowerShokCopper_lg-FIn recent years, some ammunition manufacturers have started offering alternatives to lead bullets in many of their loads. With some states changing their laws regarding the use of lead-based projectiles on ranges and in the field, offering loads with non-lead projectiles is a prudent move on the part of these manufacturers.

Understanding this movement toward non-lead bullets, Federal Premium has introduced the new Power-Shok Copper, a lead-free version of the company’s classic and affordable Power-Shok rifle ammunition, which hunters have been using for years. Instead of the traditional lead bullet, the Power-Shok Copper uses an environmentally friendly hollow-point copper projectile that offers the same dependability on big game as the original Power-Shok.

The new copper projectile delivers deadly downrange terminal performance and accuracy with a design that ensures consistent expansion and efficient energy transfer into the target. The new Power-Shok Copper loads utilize all-new Catalyst lead-free primers for reliable ignition and quality Federal Premium brass.

The new Power-Shok Copper loads are available in the following common hunting calibers: .243 Winchester, .270 Winchester, .308 Winchester and .30-06 Springfield. Projectile weights range from 85 to 150 grains, and prices range from $32.95 to $33.95.

For more information, visit Federal Premium’s website.

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