11 Videos To Get You On Track Reloading Ammunition

11 Videos To Get You On Track Reloading Ammunition

The author’s favorite deer load for the .308 Winchester, built around IMR 4064 and the 165-grain Sierra GameKing hollow-point boat-tail bullet.

From improved accuracy to saving money, there are a host of reasons to reload ammunition. We’ll kick-start your career at the reloading bench with these 11 videos that take you through the basics.

What Do You Need To Know About To Start Reloading Ammunition:

Fair warning, reloading won’t save you money. Yes, yes, what you’ve heard is correct … each cartridge you turn out from your press costs around half of the factory stuff. But improved accuracy and tailor-made options literally at your fingertips, you’re going to end up shooting more. A lot more. It’s just the nature of the beast. But there’s no more satisfying way to burn (pun intended) your shooting budget.

To help you along this route, we’ve compiled 11 videos that cover each nook and cranny of the discipline. Custom ammunition manufacturer and Gun Digest author Phil Massaro takes you through each step, the tools you need and the supplies you require to start loading on your own. From the outside, handloading might appear a daunting proposition, rife with challenges. But as you’ll see, with patience and a willingness to learn, reloading is a hobby and passion nearly any serious shooter can master.

1. Basics Of Reloading

What goes into reloading ammo? Here are the four basic handloading steps — resizing and removing the primer, inserting a new primer, adding powder and seating a new bullet.

2. Reloading Tools

It's not uncommon for beginning reloaders to feel overwhelmed by all the gadgets one can buy for handloading. But we relieve some of the pressure with a rundown of the tools you need to get started.

3. Case Resizing

Before anything, you need to get your brass in shape. Here are the finer points to case resizing.

4. Primers

What is the difference between a large rifle primer and a magnum large rifle primer? Can you use magnum primers in standard cartridges and vice versa? Find out.

5. Powders

There's more than one way to send a bullet flying. Here's a breakdown of the three main types of smokeless powder for reloading, with insight on the practical uses of each.

6. Bullets

Not every bullet is appropriate for every job. Find out what projectile you'll need to win a shooting match or put meat on the table.

7. Specialty Cases

Need more brass for reloading? Don't overlook specialty cases and surplus brass!

8. Reloading Troubleshooting

From getting a case stuck in a die to cracked brass, not everything goes as planned at the reloading bench. Luckily, there are ways to avoid or remedy these dilemmas.

9. Primers and Case Charging

It's time to make ammo! In turn, it's the point you seat your primers and charge your cases with powder.

10. Cartridge Assembly

The final step of reloading a cartridge is seating the bullet, but there's more to it than just pulling your press's handled. Find out how to precisely measure your cartridges and add a crimp if necessary.

11. Safety

Good reloading is safe reloading. Here are the particulars for keeping a safe reloading environment and an organized bench.


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  1. Clicked on Powders and it indicates Powders at front of video and then discusses Primers. Certainly hope any instructional classes or books are structured better than this. One would think this information is reviewed before being published. Pretty disappointed..

  2. Requiring removal of browser ad blocker to view a video is BS! 🙁 I’m referring to the trigger pull video as well as others on this page. Never could locate the 11 reloading videos.


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