Gun Digest Reloading Video Series – Episode 4: Primers


What is the difference between a large rifle primer and a magnum large rifle primer? Can you use magnum primers in standard cartridges and vice versa? These are among the topics discussed in Episode 4 of Gun Digest’s Reloading Series with Philip Massaro. Watch next episode

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  1. I know Philip is in a time crunch and is trying to stay basic but I have a problem with some of his description. I heard him generalize that magnum cases need magnum primers and he pointed out the .357 Magnum revolver case. Not necessarily true. There are some magnum cartridges that may need a magnum primer but the .357 isn’t one of them depending on the powder used. My reading tells me that magnum primers are usually needed for certain types of powder, not necessarily case capacity. Flake powder like Unique and stick powder like IMR4895 fire just fine with a standard primer in most applications. Some ball powders and some slow burning large rifle case powders would likely be the best candidates for magnum primers. He rightly points out to use the primer specified in the loading manual being used.

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