XS Night Sights Now Available For Springfield Hellcat OSP


XS Sights have just expanded their popular night sight line to include the Springfield Hellcat OSP, giving you an edge in any lighting condition.

As one of the most popular new carry pistols on the market, it's only logical that XS Sights would expand their line of night sights to include the Springfield Hellcat OSP. Despite being optics-ready, plenty of those who carry a Hellcat OSP choose to do so without a red dot sight. Whether you carry yours with an optic or not, the addition of night sights could provide a big advantage in any lighting condition.

XS Sights hellcat feature

Despite what their name implies, night sights can benefit their user regardless of the time of day or ambient light level. XS Sights night sights are powered not only by tritium, but by their proprietary “glow dot” technology that further aids visibility. This feature combined with the choice of different sight styles make XS Sights a definitive upgrade over the stock irons and will result in faster target acquisition for most shooters.

Even those who carry their Hellcat OSP with a red dot could benefit from the addition of XS Sights. They are low-profile sights that provide a 1/3rd co-witness when used with the Shield SMSc optic. The addition of tritium rear sights in front of the red dot can again lead to faster target acquisition by assisting the shooter to find their red dot faster upon drawing.

XS Sights hellcat RD3

The night sights available for the Hellcat OSP come in two different styles with two color options for each. Depending on your preferences, you could equip your Hellcat with either a DXT2 Big Dot in yellow or orange, or with an R3D in orange or green. The DXT2 uses a dot-the-“i” sight picture where the rear sight has a single vertical line that must be aligned with the front sight’s dot, and the R3D is a just traditional 3-dot sight.

XS Sights hellcat DXT2

MSRP ranges from $110 to $132 and all models include a 10-year warranty.

For more information, please visit xssights.com.

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