First Look: Sightmark Wraith Mini Thermal Riflescope

First Look: Sightmark Wraith Mini Thermal Riflescope

Sightmark has just launched its first digital riflescope with thermal capabilities in the form of the Wraith Mini 2-16×35.

Some is for your face and others are for your rifle, but either way, technology that allows its users to see in the dark is getting incredibly popular in the shooting world. The most recent company to take a stab at the concept is Sightmark with the announcement of the Wraith Mini 2-16×35 Thermal Riflescope.


The optics in Sightmark’s Wraith riflescope line were already capable of seeing in the dark thanks to their built-in CMOS sensors and IR illuminators, but the new Wraith Mini Thermal takes things to a new level. The digital night vision capabilities of existing Wraith models were only usable at night, and during the day, users were stuck with a standard digital scope. Because the new model instead features a 384×288 resolution thermal sensor and five thermal color palette display modes, it’s usable at any time of day for hunting any kind of game. The unit has a 1,400-yard max detection range, a 2x optical magnification range with 1-8x digital zoom and an OLED display with a 1024×768 resolution so images remain crisp even at higher zoom levels.


As a digital riflescope, the Wraith Mini Thermal has many of the same pros and cons as other digital optics. On the good side, users can insert a micro-SD card to record their shots, can store five firearm profiles on the unit and can choose between a wide variety of reticle and color options. Downsides include a reliance on batteries (2x CR123A) and a 3.5-4.5-hour battery life.


Each Sightmark Wraith Mini Thermal Riflescope includes flip-up lens covers, a removable throw lever, a rubber eyecup, two batteries and a USB charging cable. MSRP is $2,099.97.

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