Hawke Optics Announces Wide View Reflex Sight For Turkey Hunting

Hawke Optics Announces Wide View Reflex Sight For Turkey Hunting

Hawke Optics has just announced that the Reflex Sight Wide View will soon be available with a circle dot reticle, designed to be ideal for turkey hunters.

Hawke Optics’ Wide View Reflex Sight has been available with a standard red dot reticle for some time now, but the company has just announced the release of a new model designed with turkey hunters in mind. The new Wide View Reflex Sight will feature a circle dot reticle instead, and Hawke Optics claims that this small change will make a big difference when it comes to bagging birds.

Hawke Optics feature

The new reflex sight has all the same features that were appreciated in the previous model, including the motion-activated sleep function for preserving battery life. Its aluminum frame is both lightweight and durable as well, managing to weigh only 3-ounces while remaining both shock and waterproof.

Hawke Reflex rear

The company claims that their new reflex sight model is ideal for mounting on shotguns, but it also comes with a Weaver rail mount for attaching to any compatible firearm. The optic’s 25-layer lens has a fixed focus at 10 yards and a red, 2 MOA circle dot reticle with eight brightness settings. For the best results with turkey hunting, Hawke Optics recommends patterning your shotgun with the dot placed on the target’s center mass. This should enable you to make faster, more solid hits than with a shotgun equipped only with iron sights.

Circle Dot Reticle

The Wide View Reflex Sight with circle dot reticle has an MSRP of $189 and it will be available for purchase soon. Each optic will also include Hawke Optics’ two-year warranty.

For more on Hawke Optics, please visit hawkeoptics.com.

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