First Look: Mepro FT Bullseye Pistol Front Sight

First Look: Mepro FT Bullseye Pistol Front Sight

Meprolight’s new Mepro FT Bullseye front sight brings many of the advantages of a red dot to a simpler, smaller and less expensive package.

Mepro FT Bullseye Front Sight Features:

  • No Batteries Required
  • Fiber-Optics For Daytime Use
  • Tritium Reticle For Low-Light Use
  • Standard Front Sight Size And Profile
  • Compatible Pistols: Glock, Smith & Wesson, Springfield, IWI, Sig Sauer, H&K, CZ P-10

The trend of carrying red dot-sighted pistols continues to grow, but despite the advantages they have to offer many people still have valid concerns. Red dot sights add bulk and weight to one’s gun, batteries must be replaced and, if you suffer from eyesight issues, electronic optics may just not be an option. In an attempt to remedy these issues while still providing an improvement over stock iron sights, Meprolight has just introduced their new Mepro FT Bullseye front sight. The concept started with their Mepro FT Bullseye rear sight that was released a few years ago, but the new front sight model offers some distinct advantages.

Mepro FT Bullseye

The Mepro FT Bullseye front sight brings several of the advantages of red dot sights to a package that’s smaller, cheaper, simpler and battery-free. Powered by fiber optics and tritium, the sight glows brightly in any lighting condition and eliminates the need to remember to swap batteries. While there are many fine modern red dots on the market, even the most durable models with the longest battery lives are more inherently prone to failure than the Mepro FT Bullseye. Additionally, pistol red dots are more expensive and complex to install. Mepro’s new sight requires no additional milling of the slide or optics mounting plate, as it simply replaces the factory front sight. No rear sight is required to use this setup. Having roughly the same height as a standard front sight, the Mepro FT Bullseye should be compatible with most existing holster models as well.

Mepro FT

Designed to emulate the fast target acquisition possible with electronic reflex sights, the Mepro FT Bullseye gets its name because of how a sight picture is acquired. By centering the sight’s dot in the middle of the fiber optic ring to create a bullseye, the shooter knows they’re on target. It takes advantage of the common handgun training technique taught in the U.S. of focusing on the pistol’s front sight for quick, defensive-style shooting.

Mepro FT aiming

Whatever reason you have for shying away from pistol red dots, whether that be because of astigmatism, the extra expenses required or their added bulk, the new Mepro FT Bullseye sight could be the upgrade you’ve been looking for. Bright during the day or night, compatible with existing guns and holsters and powered on until your tritium expires, the Mepro FT Bullseye is a promising new CCW upgrade that is sure to appeal to many different shooters.

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  1. So…. What about the REAR sight? It appears to have been removed on the M&P shown, but the ad info is unclear as the whether or not a rear sight dovetail filler is required/included.


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