New Guns And Gear June-July 2020

In this installment of guns and gear we hit both new and old, with top-notch retro guns and the most cutting edge ARs and AR accessories.
Real Avid Level-Right Pro 2

First Look: Real Avid Level-Right Pro Scope Mounting System

Vastly improving on the old methods to leveling a scope, Real Avid's Level-Right Pro ensures everything is squared up and ready to hit the mark.
Long Range Shooting Gear

Top Long-Range Shooting Gear To Get On Target (2020)

Find out what new long-range shooting gear former Marine sniper Frank Galli thinks is worth investing your hard-earned money.
The new Swarovski NL Pure binoculars take ergonomics to the next level. How did they do that?

Swarovski NL Pure: New Binos Redefine Ergonomic Standard

Nearly 11 years in development, powerhouse optics maker Swarovski releases its NL Pure binocular range with unique ergonomics, wider field of view, and tack-sharp image definition.
Leupold Freedom RDS 1

First Look: Leupold Freedom RDS Black Ring

Redesigned for a sleeker, more tactical look, the Leupold Freedom RDS Black Ring still boasts the top-notch functionality of the original.

WIN THIS: American Made- Leupold Optics Mark 5HD

Designed Machined and assembled in Leupold Optic's Oregon factory, the Mark 5HD scope keeps the company roots firmly planted in its home.
Riton X3-Tactix-MPRD

First Look: Riton Optics X3 Tactix MPRD

Sized right for concealed carry and ruggedly built, the Riton X3 Tactix MPRD makes your defensive pistol deadly accurate.
What Is A Quick Detach Scope Mount

What Is A Quick-Detach Scope Mount?

What is called a "quick detach" scope mount often is not, especially if the scope doesn't return to zero.

Embracing The Clawmounts Quick-Detach Scope Mounting System

Precisely engineered for true quick-detachment, ClawMounts expands the horizons of your scope and rifle. Find out more about this flexible system.
Konus EL-30 1

KonusPro EL-30: One Riflescope, 10 Reticles

No matter your shooting situation (or range) the Konus EL-30 sets you up for success with a multitude of reticle options at the push of a button.
OL Blaser

New Guns And Gear February 2020

Looking to stock up your gun safe or need a new piece of gear to get you shooting straight, we've got 14 sweet shooters and accessories that are on target.
Rifle Scope Power 4

Rifle Scope: Picking The Right Power

Too much magnification can be a waste of money and too little an impediment to accuracy. What you need to know is how to select a rifle scope based on your magnification needs.

SHOT Show 2020: Day 2 Roundup

Guns, gear and ammo found at the first day of SHOT Show 2020.
Big Bore Optics 1

Finding The Right Big-Bore Rifle Optic

You needn't scour the world around to find the perfect big-bore rifle optic, only look at what's on the market for AR-15s.

4 Must-Have MDT Chassis Rifle Upgrades

While Modular Driven Technologies (MDT) is best known for its rifle chassis, it also cooks up a load of accessories that enhance the platform.
Sig Sauer BDX 5

On Safari With The Revolutionary Sig Sauer BDX System

Enhancing the experience by mixing tradition with technology, the Sig Sauer BDX system gives you a new way to scope out a hunt.


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