New Gear: Ruger AI-Style Magazines

New Gear: Ruger AI-Style Magazines

Ruger AI-style Magazines - mainNew Ruger AI-style magazines offer shooters a Ruger factory-produced option for their Ruger Precision and Gunsite Scout Rifles, as well as other rifles that use AI-type magazines.

In recent years, Ruger has expanded its production into categories outside of its typical base. It branched out into the ammo game with Ruger-branded ammunition, joined the ever-growing suppressor market with its Silent-SR .22 LR suppressor, and delved into accessories with its BX Trigger for the 10/22 and its Elite 452 Trigger for the AR. Now, the American manufacturer is adding factory-produced Ruger AI-style magazines to its list of aftermarket accessories.

These new Ruger AI-style magazines are molded from 50 percent glass-filled nylon for improved strength and durability. They feature corrosion-resistant, stainless steel springs for reliable feeding, as well as dust covers for protection during transport and storage.

The new magazines are compatible with Ruger's Precision Rifle and the company's Gunsite Scout Rifle. They are also designed to be used with many of the available AICS (Accuracy International Chassis Systems) type bottom metal assemblies.

There will be two models of the new Ruger AI-style magazines: a .308 version and a .223 variant. The .308 magazines are compatible with rifles chambered in .308 Win., 6.5 Creedmoor and other .308-sized cartridges. Meanwhile, the .223 version is capable of utilizing .223-sized cartridges with a maximum overall length of 2.5 inches.

The new Ruger AI-style magazines for rifles chambered in .223 Rem. are offered with a 10-round capacity, while the .308 magazines are available with a 5- or 10-round capacity in the standard variation or with a 3-round capacity for use in sporter-stocked rifles, such as Ruger's Gunsite Scout.

These new magazines are currently available for $39.95 at Ruger's online store.


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