A Case of Too Much Ammo?

After a Pewaukee, Wisconsin Police Department is disbanded, the agency finds itself with an excess of ammo.

Suburban Gun Store Owners Expect Sales to Surge if Chicago’s Ban Falls

Gun retailers, who got a boost when President Barack Obama took office, are hoping to get another one from the U.S. Supreme Court. Chicago gun stores are hoping for the same if that city's ban falls.

SETPOINT Ammunition – Gourmet Fodder for Your Precision Rifle

Clearing a Double-Feed in an AR-15 – NSSF

Gun Ammunition Getting Harder to Find

Gun dealers say a continued ammo shortage is affecting the sale of certain gun models. Ammunition for 9mm and .380 weapons are becoming scarce and when you can find it, the price has gone through the roof.

Self-Guided Bullet Hits Target a Mile Away

Nyati Brings to Market 110-Year-Old British Classic Elephant Round to Market

This company's low-recoil 470 Nitro Express produces a fraction of the "punch" to the shooter, yet it will still put a world of hurt on dangerous game.

.308 Power without over-penetration… you can have it all.

Looking for hard-hitting .308 that won't over penetrate? Look to Extreme Shock Ammunition. Long known for making some of the best frangible ammo in th

Dont Let Your Guard Down

Is the panic buying on ammo finally slowing down and will we see gun store shelves stocked soon?

No End In Sight: The Ammunition Shortage Continues

For gun owners who had hoped for an end to our recent ammunition shortages? Apparently, they will have to keep hoping. As the Los Angeles Times recently noted, both guns and ammo are in demand, but it is the bullets that are in short supply and bullet factories are running around the clock to meet demand.

Hands On! Through the Looking Glass

In order to accomplish their task, snipers need to have the best equipment and the best possible training. Lives depend on it. When it comes to shooting through glass, having the right bullet is key.

Gun Sales Still Off the Charts

Gun sales in Wisconsin are booming and local dealers attribute the increase to concerns about possible future firearms restrictions and the continued economic strife.

Bonded PDX: A Real Fight-Stopper

This new defensive handgun ammunition, adopted by the FBI, is available for handgunners everywhere.

Reloading: The .223 Remington (5.56x45mm)

An excerpt from the Cartridges of the World, 11th Edition Book, looking at cartridge dimensions and reloading data for one of the hottest tactical rounds in demand today: The .223 Remington.

Rise in Gun Sales Tied to Obama Fear

Gun sales in Sacramento County have grown more than in any other populous county in California since November, according to the state attorney general's office.

Gun Sales Spike on Smaller Scope

After 40 years in business, Mary Vann is used to demand for the guns and ammunition at her shop changing with the times.


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