Video: Hornady Teases 2015 Ammo and Reloading Tool Roster

Video: Hornady Teases 2015 Ammo and Reloading Tool Roster

Hornady fans get ready to update your wish lists, because the Nebraska-based manufacturer has released its new product video.

As far as the new wares, the company has slew of pre-loaded ammunition on its roster for 2015. On this end, the release of Critical Defense ammo for the .357 Magnum is sure to get many wheelgunner’s hearts soaring.

Reloading wise, the company looks to score points with those who fire off their share of military ammo. Hornady is set to release a primer pocket swage tool that works with its progressive Lock-N-Load AP press.

If removing the crimp on brass is anything as remotely quick as what is demonstrated in the video the swage tool should be a huge time saver. It will be available in both .223/5.56 and .308/7.62.

Check out the entire video to see what else is coming out of the corn fields of central Nebraska.


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