Lapua Announces New 2015 Products

Lapua Announces New 2015 Products
Lupua has a slew of new ammunition and reloading products that should catch shooters' eyes.
Lupua has a slew of new ammunition and reloading products that should catch shooters' eyes.
Lupua has a slew of new ammunition and reloading products that should catch shooters' eyes.

The clock is ticking down for the 2015 SHOT Show, which means more and more companies are leaking their new products for the coming year. One of the most recent to let the cat out of the bag is one of Europe’s largest ammunition manufacturers.

Lapua recently announced it is adding four new products to its catalog, and each has the potential to intrigue a wide swath of the shooting world. Check out what the Finnish company (part of the NAMMO Group) has in store.

.300 AAC Blackout Cartridges
Of all the new products Lapua has slated, this has the potential to be the most significant. The addition of the 300 Blackout should reach more shooters than any other product the company is introducing, given the growing popularity of the round.

The Blackout has found a place in the shooting world among those searching for a 30-caliber round that performs well in the AR-15. It has also developed fans due to its supressability when loaded as a sub-sonic round.

While the company has announced it is adding the 300 Blackout to its catalog, it did not release the specs for the cartridge.

ScenarL Bullet

The brand name Scenar is familiar to competitive shooters. The line of match bullets have captured their share or records since their introduction in the 1980s.

Lapua is introducing a new generation of their high-performance projectile in its ScenarL line. However, the company has not attempted to reinvent the wheel with the new bullets.

The bullets themselves have not been redesigned, instead the manufacturing process has been refined. The company promises a high-precision product in its press release, touting the ScenarL line’s:

Closer weight tolerances, tighter jacket wall concentricity standards, and greater uniformity in every dimension, starting from the gilding metal cup, lead wire and jacket forming, ending up to core-jacket assembly, boat tail pressing and tipping.

ScenarL BulletsScenarL Cartridges
.224 (5.69mm/.224) 4.5g/69gr..223Rem. 4.5g/69gr.
.224 (5.69mm/.224) GB545 5.0g/77gr.6mm BR 6.8g/105gr.
6mm (6.16mm/.243) 5.8g/90gr6,5×47 Lapua 7.8g/120gr
6mm (6.16mm/.243) 6.8g/105gr6,5×47 Lapua 8.8g/136gr
6.5mm (6.72mm/.264) 7.8g/120gr6,5×55 SE (slow) 7.8g/120gr
6.5mm (6.72mm/.264) 8.8g/136gr6,5×55 SE (fast) 7.8g/120gr
.30 (7.83mm/.308) 10.0g/155gr6,5×55 SE 8.8g/136gr
.30 (7.83mm/.308) 11.3g/175gr.308 Win. 11.3/175gr
.30 (7.83mm/.308) 14.3g/220gr
.30 (7.83mm/.308) 14.3g/220gr
.30 (7.83mm/.308) 14.3g/220gr

7mm-08 Remington, 8x57mm IS Brass

Lapua has expanded its reloading options in 2015, adding cases for the 7mm-08 Remington and 8x57mm IS. The 7mm-08 Remington is popular in High Power Silhouette competition round, as well as a respected hunting cartridge. While the 8x57mm IS has been a staple of the European hunting community for more than a century. Lapua has long been praised for the tight tolerance and attention to detail in the production of its brass.

Cartridges of the World Collection

Cartridges of the World Collection



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