New Ammunition: Syntech Action Pistol

New Ammunition: Syntech Action Pistol

Federal is shooting to help pistol competitors to the top of the podium with the introduction of Syntech Action Pistol ammo.

How does Syntech Action Pistol help gun down gold?

    • Syntech Action Pistol has a cutting-edge full polymer jacket.
    • This reduces bore wear and heat by eliminating metal-to-metal contact.
    • It also produces less friction, thus reducing recoil.
    • Syntech Action Pistol rounds have been optimized for performance and to meet pistol competition standards.

Whether Steel Challenge, Practical Pistol or what have you, pistol competitions are tough and not only on the competitor. While nerves, reflexes and discipline are all tested on a course, so is the engineering and the stamina of a pistol. And, as is the case in any high-volume shooting situation, fouling and gunk can make that expensive race gun run like a Studebaker.

Syntech Action Pistol -Ammunition

Federal Premium is shooting to eliminate some of this concern for competitors tuning one of its newest and cutting-edge ammunition lines for those who are gunning for gold. While it’s no substitute for a good old-fashioned bush and solvent, Syntech Action Pistol Ammunition might have what it takes to give shooters an advantage the next time they unholster their pistol.

“Syntech Action Pistol utilizes all the same technology as the standard Syntech ammunition, but is tailored specifically to the competitive pistol application,” said John Swenson, Federal Premium handgun ammunition design engineer. “During extended matches, the reduced fouling and cooler gun temperatures allow competitors to keep their focus on their performance and the match rather than equipment maintenance.”

The edge Syntech Action Pistol Ammunition, which will be released at the 2018 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, brings to a match is its projectile. Replacing the standard copper jacketing on the bullet, the polymer-encapsulated lead core causes less wear and fouling in a bore, given it eliminates all metal-to-metal contact. Additionally, the polymer creates less overall friction; in turn, barrels suffer less heat damage, extending their life, according to Federal. The company even claims the rounds will aid in accuracy, given the design causes less recoil and muzzle flip, thereby making for faster and more accurate follow-up shots.

The particular TSJ (Total Synthetic Jacket) bullets used in Syntech Action Pistol Ammunition produce larger, more defined holes when they hit the target.

“The flatter nose provides a larger-diameter perforation, making scoring clearer for hits that are near the edge of scoring zones rather than having to rely on the grease ring,” Swenson explained.

Syntech Action Pistol Ammunition is loaded with clean-burning powders that minimize barrel residue, and its Catalyst lead-free primer provides consistent, reliable ignition. Federal Premium is offering the line in 9mm Luger, .40 S&W and .45 Auto. Each is configured to meet the accuracy, reliability and power factor requirements of shooters who compete in the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) and United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA).


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