Self-Defense: The Mystery Of Stopping Power

The subject of stopping power is often brought up when discussing defensive caliber and ammo options. But, what does it mean — and how important is it?

Ammo Brief: The Whopping ‘Little’.300 WSM

The relatively new .300 WSM offers the best of both worlds — power and efficiency.
Two 6.5mm bullets. While the heavier 160-grain (L) has all sorts of bearing surface, the sleek 140-grain bullet (R) has less contact with the rifling in spite of being longer.

Reloading: Bearing Surface, Pressure and Accuracy

The bullet’s bearing surface — the portion of the bullet that contacts the rifling in the barrel — directly correlates to the amount of pressure generated within your barrel, and it can have a definite effect on accuracy.

Ammo: Blindsiding Waterfowl With Hex Steel Shot

The impressive engineering in Winchester's Hex Steel Shot delivers superior results on the hunt.

9 Guns And Gear For Plinking Perfection

Summer's nearly here, no better time to stock up on all the plinking supplies you need to shoot away a hot afternoon.

7 Piece Of Home Security Gear To Protect Your Castle

From red-hot 10mm defensive loads to blinding rail lights, we've got everything you need to secure your humble or not so humble abode.

Cartridges: The Often Overlooked 8mm Mauser

While it’s never really caught on stateside, the 8mm Mauser has a great pedigree and is more than capable on the battlefield or on the hunt.

Reloading: Does Perfect Ammo Mean Becoming A Control Freak?

In reloading, your ultimate pursuit might be absolute control over your handloads … just don’t fall too far down the rabbit hole.

Reloading Bench: Reloading The Obsolete Cartridge

If you’re having trouble finding factory ammunition or brass for rifles chambered in obscure  or obsolete cartridges, don’t fret: You can make your own.

The .22 LR For Self Defense: Good, Bad Or Crazy?

The .22 Long Rifle is among the most popular rounds ever devised. But is the rimfire a wise choice for self-defense or just plane foolish?

New Cartridge: SAAMI Publishes Specifications For .224 Valkyrie

Federal Premium's new small-bore, long-range cartridge, the .224 Valkyrie, has received final approval by SAAMI and its specifications have been published.

Cartridges: The .30-06 Springfield Family Tree

In addition to being a capable cartridge in its own right, the .30-06 Springfield has spawned a talented brood of offspring.

How Good Can Factory Ammunition Get?

The new technology going into mass-produced ammunition is making factory ammo as good — or better — than handloads.

Elmer Keith: 3 Magnum Handgun Cartridges You’ve Got To Know

Elmer Keith was the key in the development of many cartridges, but it's the Ol' Cuss's work on handgun magnums that help reshape the firearms world.

Airguns: How Pre-Charged Pneumatics Became A Knockout

Although not as potent as powder-fueled firearms, airguns are now capable of delivering power equivalent to that of large-caliber handgun cartridges

Video: Aguila Ammunition’s New Sport Shooting Shotgun Loads

A firsthand look at Aguila Ammunition's cool new shotgun loads dedicated to breaking more clays.



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