Paired with a compact 1911 like the Remington R1 Ultralight Executive, the new .45 Auto self-defense load can pack—pardon the pun—quite a punch.

Federal Punch: No Lightweight Defense Ammo

Designed specifically for civilian defensive shooters, Federal Punch cuts costs of defensive ammo, but not at the expense of performance.
Sierra 223

New MatchKing Competition Ammo Line From Sierra Bullets

Sierra Bullets have been making high-quality, award-winning projectiles since the late 1940s. Now that they have expanded their production to include fully-loaded factory ammunition, Sierra is introducing its new MatchKing Competition ammo line in four popular rifle calibers.
22 Magnum 1

.22 WMR Vs .22 LR: Application Defines This Rimfire Rumble

In the .22 WMR vs .22LR debate, it’s difficult to claim the rimfire king has been dethroned. The .22LR remains the top choice for all but a few niche applications.
338 Win Mag Box and Cartridge

Ammo Brief: Heavy-Hitting .338 Winchester Magnum

A well balanced hunter, the .338 Winchester Magnum is fit to take nearly any game on God's green earth.
ACRO P-2 2

ACRO P-2: Aimpoint’s Always-Ready Red Dot

With an insane amount of run time between battery changes, the ACRO P-2 gives shooters peace of mind the red dot is ready when they are.
22 Mag Horn CD

Top .22 Magnum Ammo Options For All Applications

The world is awash with excellent .22 Magnum ammo. Here are some of the top choices that bring out the best in the mini magnum.
The author keeps four dies in the turret press for .45 ACP ammo: the carbide resizing die, expander die, seating die, and lastly, the micrometer adjustable taper crimp.

Particulars Of Reloading For Semi-Auto Pistols

Reloading for semi-auto pistols isn't rocket science, but requires a solid understanding of the process to produce workable ammo.
Reloading Revolver Cartridges 2

Reloading Revolver Cartridges: Keys To Success

Follow these guidelines reloading revolver cartridges for maximum performance, reliability and safety.
22 lc punch

.22 LR Punch: Does The Defense Rimfire Ammo Stack Up?

Rimfire ammunition tailored for self-defense? Federal is shooting for it with .22 LR Punch ammo.
Ruger LCRX 357 5

.357 Magnum: The Pros And Cons For Self-Defense

We weigh the pros and cons of the .357 Magnum as a defensive cartridge to see if the time-tested option is the right fit for you.

Choosing The Best Reloading Dies

Great cartridges require great reloading dies, here are the best to choose from.
221 Rem Fireball

Ammo Brief: The Blistering Hot .221 Fireball

Despite its sound in ballistics, the .221 Remington Fireball lacked in popularity.
The classic .300 Winchester Magnum with the high-BC, 230-grain Berger Match Hybrid OTM bullet.

Factors In Selecting A Long-Range Cartridge

Why the choice of cartridge means so much in the long-range game.
These 6.5 Creedmoor cases show shiny extractor marks, flattened primers, and cratered firing pin marks — all are indicative of excess pressure.

Cartridge Pressure: Are You Pushing The Limits Too Far?

Do you know when you have gone too far hot-rodding your reloads? Here are some of the telltale signs you're pushing your luck with cartridge pressure.
224 Valkyrie Rifle 2

Does The .224 Valkyrie Make Sense For Most Shooters?

Lights out at long range, the .224 Valkyrie might leave some wanting at more pedestrian distances.
Reloading Ammo

Does Reloading Ammo Save You Money?

It's often said, reloading ammo keeps money in your pocket. But do the economics of handloading really shake out for penny pinchers?


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