These .44 Remington Magnums are loaded with Barnes XPB lead-free hollow-points, and the crimp is set perfectly.

.44 Magnum Ammo: 8 Top Options For Hunting, Protection And Plinking

Looking for the best .44 Magnum ammo to feed your wheel or lever gun? Here we cover eight top loads and the best ways to use them.

.30-06 Ammo: Turn The Warhorse Into A Thoroughbred (2022)

Find out the .30-06 ammo that get the more than century old cartridge shooting with the best of them.

.50 Beowulf: The Half-Inch Heavy Hitter

There are a number of big-bore cartridges available for the AR-15 platform, but perhaps the most mysterious is .50 Beowulf.

Ammo Brief: .38 Automatic

John Browning’s .38 Automatic is a gone but not forgotten cartridge and the parent to .38 Super.

Ammo Brief: .44 Smith & Wesson Special

.44 Smith & Wesson Special has been an accuracy leader in big-bore revolver cartridges for over 100 years.
270 Winchester feature

Ammo Brief: .270 Winchester

Useful for bagging both varmints and big game, .270 Winchester is America’s longstanding welterweight champ.

Defensive Revolver Calibers

A defensive revolver needs the right defensive ammunition, here's a rundown on choosing the right load.

Remington Ammunition Announces 10mm Golden Saber

Remington Ammunition has just announced three new varieties of 10mm Golden Saber ammo, including Bonded, Defense and Defense Compact.
223 family tree feature

The .223 Family Tree

The .223 Remington cartridge and its AR-compatible offspring.
Pocket Gun Diet

The Diet Of A Pocket Gun

How to select the proper ammo for a defensive pocket gun.
Big Bore Reloading Feature

The Big Boys: Reloading Big-Bore Cartridges

Reloading big-bore cartridges from .416 Rigby to .505 Gibbs.
Precision Rifle Ruger Hawkeye

8 Affordable 6.5 PRC Rifle Options For Precision Work (2022)

The 6.5 PRC rifle isn't only a hard-hitting, long-range hunting option, but also a capable and polite tool for precision work.
8mm Mauser Sellier & Bellot SPCE

8mm Mauser Ammo That’s Right On Target

Find the 8mm Mauser ammo that gets the old warhorse running like a thoroughbred.
30 Super Carry feature

Federal’s 30 Super Carry Now Available For Both Training And Defense

Federal has announced that 30 Super Carry is now available in both their American Eagle and HST ammunition lines, making it ready for both training and defense.
Powerbelt Bullets

Best Muzzleloader Bullets To Put Meat On The Table

What's the best muzzleloader bullet to put meat on the table? That depends on the rifle you're shooting and the experience you're after.

Best .22 Ammo For Every Application (2022)

Not all .22 Ammo is created equal. Here are the top match, hunting and self-defense options for your .22 pistol or rifle.


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