Black Talon: Short Life, Long Legacy

The short life and long legacy of Winchester’s Black Talon hollow-point ammunition.

A Perfect 10: Best 10mm Pistol Options (2023)

Since its introduction, the 10mm Auto has been putting magnum power into semi-auto pistols. In recent years, it's had a bit of a resurgence in popularity.

Best .22 Ammo For Every Application (2023)

Not all .22 Ammo is created equal. Here are the top match, hunting and self-defense options for your .22 pistol or rifle.

.30-06 Ammo: Turn The Warhorse Into A Thoroughbred (2023)

Find out the .30-06 ammo that get the more than century old cartridge shooting with the best of them.

.277 Fury: The Army’s Newest Cartridge’s Background And Ballistics

A closer look at the development, adoption and ballistics of .277 Fury, the U.S. Army’s newest cartridge.

Reloading: Rifle Cartridges And Seating Depth

A closer look at how seating depth affects rifle cartridge performance and what to know when reloading your own.

Green Tip 5.56: Is It Anything Special?

When it comes to feeding your AR-15, is green tip 5.56 ammo top-shelf, bottom of the barrel or somewhere in between?
45-caliber rifle cartridges feature spread

Giant Killers: .45-Caliber Rifle Cartridges

When it comes to big game hunting, there are few better tools for the job than .45-caliber rifle cartridges.

Big-Block Glock: The Guncrafter Industries .50 GI Conversion

If you want your Glock to have momentum en masse, look no further than the Guncrafter Industries .50 GI conversion.

.22 Hornet: To Bee Or Not To Bee

Is .22 Hornet an obsolete cartridge? Or does its sting still have some practical uses to offer? 

Lighter Bullets, Longer Ranges

Lighter bullets result in higher velocities, and here’s how speed can improve your long-range shooting game.

Long Range At Loggerheads: .338 Lapua Vs. .50 BMG 

Debating .338 Lapua versus .50 BMG for your next long-range cartridge? Here we break down which will best serve your needs.

Best 7mm Rem. Mag. Ammo: Elk, Deer And Everything Else

Whether you’re after elk, deer or any other similar game, here’s the best 7mm Rem. Mag. ammo to do it with.

Fiocchi Announces 5.7x28mm Subsonic Ammo

Owners of suppressed 5.7 firearms can rejoice, as Fiocchi has just announced new 5.7x28mm subsonic ammo for the company’s Range Dynamics line.

7.62×39 Vs. .308: .30-Cal. Cold War

When it comes to 7.62x39 vs. .308 , which of the popular .30-cals has more to offer the average shooter?

The .300 Win. Mag. Ammo Buyer’s Guide

.300 Win. Mag. ammo outclassed many competitors upon release, but how does its performance hold up today?


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