Picking Up The Pace With The Ripcord Speedloader


Slight, light and effective, the incredibly simple Ripcord Speedloader represents the next step in defensive revolver technology.

How the Ripcord Speedloader give you an edge:

  • Reloads take a split second.
  • Lightweight compared to other speedloaders.
  • Smaller circumference and height.
  • Intuitive grip and rip action.
  • Extremely economical.

Revolvers are reassuring. Yes, contrary to popular belief, they can malfunction. But, more times than not a trigger pull results in a bang, not a click – particularly if properly maintained. This clockwork reliability, more than anything, is what keeps the good ol’ wheelgun a top choice for a conceal carry, especially for those who desire a simpler manual of arms.


Well, almost. One area where revolvers lag behind in the simplicity department, at least compared to their semi-automatic cousins, is reloading. Heaven forbid five or six shots don’t do the job, because getting one back into the fight is a molasses affair in contrast to pistols. Certainly, speedloaders simplify the process and, as their name promises, hustles up reloading. Yet, another problem crops up with most of these options in their unwieldiness.

To a degree, CK Tactical has lessened these issues with the introduction of the Ripcord Speedloader. Slight, light and effective, the incredibly simple system represents the next step in defensive revolver technology. I’d hasten to say, the only drawback of the Ripcord Speedloader is someone didn’t cook up the concept years ago.

Essentially the Ripcord is a strip of molded plastic, with retention clips for five or six rounds of .357 Mag. or .38 Spc. ammunition, that locks in on itself to form a ring. This makes it fairly reminiscent of traditional HKS and Safariland speedloaders, but this is also where the similarities end. Operation of CK Tactical’s device is much simpler, only requiring a pull of the locking tab to release the rounds. And it only takes a split second to achieve, in a much more intuitive fashion. There’s no button to search for or dial to crank. Furthermore, the motion of emptying the Ripcord also clears it from the cylinder, thus makes it quicker to close and get back to its job.

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While speed is what will catch most shooters’ attention with the Ripcord, it’s not the only reason to give the speedloader a look. Convenience is perhaps its greatest asset. Given it’s a strip of plastic, it adds virtually no weight to what you’ll carry. Additionally, since there’s no release button, its stature is considerably less than traditional models – merely the length of your ammunition is all you’ll contend with. Also, it has an overall smaller circumference.

Yes, it still forms a bulky circle, which is always a challenge. But overall it’s much more manageable than most traditional options.

The downside to the Ripcord, it does require practice to master. You should expect that with any concealed carry gear. And, the speedloader doesn’t appear as if it would play well with tight-fitting clothes where retrieval might unlock the unit. This is solved easily enough with carrying the Ripcord in a coat pocket or opting for different apparel – nothing new for armed citizens.

Overall, though, the Ripcord Speedloader seems to have a wealth of potential, especially for the price. At $10 for a pack of two, there are few other true speedloader options out there that can compete.

Nowadays, new innovations for the age-old revolver design are rare. That comes with the territory. But CK Tactical has certainly found a way to push the wheelgun’s defensive usefulness forward with the Ripcord Speedloader. That’s no small accomplishment.

5 Shot Model Fits:
Charter Arms, Rossi: 68; Ruger: SP101, LCR; S&W: 36, 37, 38, 40, 42, 49, 60, 340, 360; Taurus: 85, 605, 651, 851.
6 Shot Model Fits:
Charter Arms; Chiappa: Rhino; Dan Wesson; Rossi: 971, 951, 851, 351; Ruger: GP100; S&W: 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 19, 64, 65, 66, 67, 586, 686, 581, 681; Taurus: 606, 65, 66, 80, 82.
MSRP: $10 pack of two.

For more information on the Ripcord Speedloader, please visit: www.cktactical.com/.

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