Springfield Armory Releases 10mm XD(M)

Springfield Armory Releases 10mm XD(M)

Boasting trim ergonomics, the 10mm XD(M) proves a manageable pistol for the powerful cartridge.

What the 10mm XD(M) models offer:

  • Full length grip, short front to back.
  • Manageable weight.
  • Slim overall profile.
  • Full-sized frame.
  • Three magazines standard through the end of the year.

Somewhere, Jeff Cooper is smiling. The father of the modern technique of the pistol didn’t survive to see his snappy .40-caliber cartridge achieve the appreciation it was due. Yet today, the 10mm continues its meteoric rise as the hottest old cartridge of the 21st Century.

4.5-barrel XD(M)
4.5-barrel XD(M)

One only need survey the dramatic surge of 10mm pistols in the past decade or so to grasp how hungry the market is for a semi-automatic pistol cartridge that flirts with magnum revolver ballistics. In most cases, the new breed of 10mms have turned to an age-old design to meet the demand — the 1911. Arguments are few in applying the rivet tough brainchild of John M. Browning to a cartridge, when loaded hot, can shake a pistol down to its front straps. Yet, the dominance of the 1911 when it comes to the 10mm tends to hit a shooter’s wallet in the soft spot and, for all its assets, can toy with boat-anchor heft when on the hip — particularly if it’s a Government Model.

Springfield Armory has shot to address both these issues, and a couple more, taking its popular striker fired pistol line the way of the 10mm. The company launched two variations of the XD(M) pistol in the popular caliber in October — a 4.5-inch barreled service model and 5.2-inch long-slide, much to the satisfaction of its fans. A long demanded addition, Springfield appears to hit the right notes with the pistols and certainly has positioned itself as a top option in the niche of polymer-framed 10mms.

Get An Edge On The 10MM:

To what many are interested in, price, the pistols are a bit more expensive than the other popular line of striker-fired 10mm pistols — Glock — but not extravagantly so. The service model has an MSRP of $652 and the long-slide $779. Yet, Springfield gives shooter good reason to consider pony up a bit more for the 10mm XD(M) pistols.

Where the company appears to have succeeded is in the ergonomics department, particularly where you get a handle on the pistols. The grips are full-sized, yet short. Not by miles, mind you, but enough that those who have difficulty getting a solid purchase on a double stack – particularly a 10mm double stack — will find it much more achievable with the XD(M). Even if not a task in your case, the more svelte design should increase the control of the pistol, which isn’t a bad thing, especially if you aim to shoot the hot end of 10mm ammo market. Additionally, like the rest of the XD(M) family, it has a replaceable backstrap system to get the perfect fit.

5.25-inch barrel XD(M)
5.25-inch barrel XD(M)

Springfield does a great job of keeping the dimensions and the weight manageable on the pistols, without compromising some of the heft that helps to mitigate recoil. In both cases, the service and long-slide are each 1.2-inches in width at its widest point (grip). And both 15+1 capacity pistols weigh in at the low end of the 30-ounce range, 31.5 in service and 32.8 in the long-slide. Springfield saved weight on the larger model with a cutout on the top of the slide, which doesn’t seem to serve any other purpose.

The differences between the pistols, aside from barrel length, sights. The smaller model comes with a low profile SIG model (plenty of upgrades) combat 3-dot rear sights, and the long-slide, Springfield full-adjustable target rear sights. At the front, the each has a highly visible fiber-optic that’s generally easy to focus on.

Those who know the XD(M) line, there are few surprises with the 10mm addition. The options come with match-grade barrels, melonite finish, one-piece guide rod, single recoil spring, ambidextrous mag release and an attractive hard case to carry everything in. One break with the 10mm XD(M) modes, they come with three magazines through the end of the year, whereas the rest of the calibers of the family come with two.

In the realm of semi-automatic pistols, there might not be any more versatile cartridge than the 10mm. Capable of a multitude of loadings, down to the .40 S&W and up to near .41 Magnum, it can fill nearly any roll — target shooting, self-defense, hunting, competition, etc. At first blush, Springfield has cooked up a couple of pistols that will get everything you want out of the 10mm, whatever that might be.

4.5-inch Barrel 10mm XD(M) Specs
Caliber: 10mm
Recoil System: One Piece Full Length Guide Rod
Sights: Fiber Optic Front & Low Profile Combat Rear
Weight: 31.2 oz
Height: 5.75″
Slide: Forged Steel, Melonite
Barrel: 4.5″ Steel, Melonite, Hammer Forged, 1:16 RH Twist
Length: 7.7″
Grip Width: 1.2″
Frame: Black Polymer w/ Interchangeable Backstraps
Magazines: (2) 15-Round
MSRP: $652.00

5.25-inch Barreled 10mm XD(M) Specs
Caliber: 10mm
Recoil System: One Piece Full Length Guide Rod
Sights: Fiber Optic Front, Fully Adjustable Target Rear
Weight: 32.8 oz
Height: 5.75″
Slide: Forged Steel, Melonite
Barrel: 5.25″ Steel, Melonite®, Hammer Forged, 1:16 RH Twist
Length: 8.3″
Grip Width: 1.2″
Frame: Black Polymer w/ Interchangeable Backstraps
Magazines: (3) 15-Round
MSRP: $779.00


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