MDT Introduces The MAMBAMAG Line

MDT Introduces The MAMBAMAG Line

MDT has just launched MAMBAMAG, a sister brand that will manufacture aftermarket 10-round magazines for popular hunting and sporting rifles.

MDT is known for its precision chassis systems and shooting accessories, including magazines, but the company has just announced the launch of a new sister brand that will focus exclusively on the latter. Called MAMBAMAG, the company will be dedicated to producing 10-round detachable box magazines for popular makes of bolt-action and pump-action rifles.

MAMBAMAG feature

MAMBAMAG can provide shooters with not only an increased ammo capacity in their rifle, but the ability to reload by changing magazines as well. While most factory hunting and sporting rifles have fixed magazines and low capacities, they can now be upgraded without any permanent modification with the addition of a MAMBAMAG.


The magazines feature aluminum uppers and glass-reinforced nylon lowers, making them both light and durable. They are designed to fit directly into most factory rifle stocks, though some rifle models require the bottom metal to be replaced by a MAMBAMAG bottom metal adaptor. The adaptor is made out of aluminum but features a steel mag catch for greater durability and also has a front mag catch for increased stability and better feeding. So far, adaptor models are available for the Remington 700 SA and the Howa 1500 SA and both have an MSRP of $179.95.

MAMBAMAG Bottom Metal

On their website, MAMBAMAG currently offers 10-round magazine options for the Remington 700 SA, the Howa 1500 SA, Lithgow SA, Remington 783 SA, Tikka T3/T3X and Remington 7600 SA. All are available in both .223 and .308 except for the Remington 7600 SA which is only available in .308. More caliber options for each are promised for the future and they all share an MSRP of $119.95 regardless of model.

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