First Look: 17-Round Springfield Hellcat Pro Magazine

First Look: 17-Round Springfield Hellcat Pro Magazine

The Springfield Hellcat Pro carry pistol has just had its capacity increased with a new 17-round magazine option.

The battle of 9mm concealed carry pistols rages on, but the Springfield Hellcat has been a top contender since its introduction. The Pro version of the pistol featured a 15-round standard capacity with flush-fit mags when introduced, but Springfield Armory has just announced a new 17-round Hellcat Pro magazine to pack even more firepower into the popular carry pistol.


While the standard 15-round mag may be easier to conceal, it also leaves shooters with large hands wanting for more grip space. Further, when it comes to spare mags in a pocket or carrier, the difference between a 15- and 17-round mag isn’t that noticeable. Regardless of whether you choose to carry it in your gun or as a spare, the Hellcat Pro 17-round magazine will both increase your capacity by two rounds and provide a larger grip thanks to the basepad.


Steve Kramer, Vice President of Marketing for Springfield Armory, said this about the new Hellcat Pro magazine:

At its launch in early 2022, the Hellcat Pro quickly established itself as a pre-eminent 9mm EDC pistol for discerning users … And with the addition of this new 17-round magazine, it has the benefit of even more capacity in a still extremely concealable package.


The extended Hellcat Pro magazine features the same contours and grip texture as the pistol’s frame, creating a seamless match. On that note, the new mags are offered in both black and FDE to pair with the Hellcat’s frame color options. MSRP for both versions is $42.99 and they are available now.

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