Galco Releases WalkAbout 2.0 Revolver Holster

Galco Releases WalkAbout 2.0 Revolver Holster

Streamlined to keep extra ammunition at hand, the WalkAbout 2.0 Revolver Holster offers a more manageable system to carry a wheelgun.

How the WalkAbout streamlines revolver carry:

  • Premium Center Cut Steerhide
  • Metal-reinforced mouth for easy holstering
  • Attached speedloader carrier
  • Ambidextrous
  • Two different belt clips
  • Adjustable for cant

The good ol’ revolver still has a place in modern-day defensive arms. It just takes a bit more forethought to make it practical and comfortable for everyday carry.

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The holster geniuses at Galco have made great strides in this direction with the introduction of the WalkAbout 2.0 tailored to wheelguns. Those unfamiliar with these members of the Concealed Carry Lite line, they are marvels at keeping a gun under wraps, while consolidating equipment. How it achieves the latter, an ingenious inline speedloader carrier at the front of the holster. Keeping the extra rounds at hand, it virtually eliminates the unwieldiness of the device.

Furthermore, the holster includes interchangeable clips, the ambidextrous IBW holster also offers two levels of concealment. Cant adjustable, the steerhide WalkAbout 2.0 is adaptable to strongside, crossdraw and appendix carry positions, and is comfortable in each. Streamlining the revolver system, the holster might give more than a few reasons to consider carry a wheelgun. Not badly priced, either.

From the company:

Part of Galco's Concealed Carry Lite line of holsters, the WalkAbout 2.0offers all the benefits of the Tuck-n-Go 2.0 – with the addition of an attached speedloader carrier! It’s an exceptional combination of high performance, comfort and affordability.

The WalkAbout 2.0’s open top allows a very fast draw, while the reinforced mouth allows a smooth and easy return of the gun to the holster. The WalkAbout 2.0’s belt clips are adjustable for cant, making it suitable for the strongside, crossdraw, or appendix carry positions.

The ambidextrous WalkAbout 2.0 is supplied with two types of interchangeable tuckable clips. The first is the UniClip™, designed to go over the belt, but which also works well without a belt. The second is the Ultimate Stealth™ clip with hook, which fits on the trouser waistband, under or behind a belt with just the clip showing, for the ultimate in stealthy concealment!

Made for compact revolvers, the WalkAbout 2.0 is available in black and priced at a very affordable $53!

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