4 New Range Bag Essentials For 2018

4 New Range Bag Essentials For 2018

The four pieces of new gear no range bag should do without.

What are the new range bag essentials:

The lazy days of summer are here, no better time for long afternoons burning powder and sharpening shooting skills dulled through the long winter months. As we all know, there are only two things vital for a productive day pitching copper-jacketed lead — guns and ammo. It almost rolls off the tongue as easily as peanut butter and jelly.

Simple as it sounds, rolling to your favorite shooting spot with the bare minimum kit courts trouble. Be it keeping everything in line, having enough rounds or fixing a firearm that breaks down at the most inopportune time, you need to outfit your range bag with the little extras that keep you squeezing off rounds, not fiddling with your firearm.

Luckily, a rash of new shooting accessories has hit the store shelves in 2018 tailor made to keep you plugging away at your passion. From machines facilitating lightning-fast reloads to devices to troubleshoot the most stubborn carbine, they'll just plain make a day punching paper or steel all the more enjoyable. Admittedly, some of these won't squeeze into an everyday range bag, unless you sling a full-sized duff. Nevertheless, they're pretty dang handy kit regardless of size. So, without further ado, here are four pieces of new gear for your range bag that will get the most out of a day on the business end of your favorite gun.

MTM Case-Gard 3-Can .50-Cal. Ammo Crate

Designed for rugged ammunition storage and transportation, MTM‘s 3-Can Ammo Crate won't fit in your range bag, but will keep your powder dry and your rounds in order. The three 13.5″ x 7.4″ x 8.5″ .50-cal. ammo cans are O-ring sealed and water resistant, making them ideal for keeping ammo fresh in between shooting session or out in the elements. The cans nest in a sturdy polymer crate, keeping everything in order and making it a snap to move a mass of ammo to the range for a long day shooting. The crates are stackable, saving space in a gunroom and come with tie-down points on the ends making them ideal for ammo transport on an ATV or the bed of a pick-up truck. MSRP: $44.49 www.mtmcase-gard.com

Butler Creek ASAP Electronic Magazine Reloader

Giving you more time shooting and less reloading, the Butler Creek ASAP Electronic Magazine Reloader is a godsend for shooters who measure their range time in thousands of rounds. Shooters simply insert a STANAG magazine, selects the round count and add 5.56 NATO or .223 Rem. ammo to the 60-round hopper and the ASAP does the rest, orienting the ammunition and feeding it into the magazine. The loader keeps count on a digital screen to let shooters know where they stand in the process. It might not qualify as a range bag essential, but it's worth the investment, giving you more time to concentrate on what counts — your rifle and accuracy. The magazine loader is due out in August. MSRP: $330 www.butlercreek.com

Firefield AR-15 Multi-Tool

Malfunctions and equipment failures can strike any time, the Firefield AR-15 Multi-Tool makes certain you don't miss a shot when they do. A must-have for any AR-15 shooter's range bag, it's armed with a slew of tools to tackle common carbine field maintenance issues — from scrubbing the bolt to setting components. In short, it's a pocket-sized armorer's toolbox. The heart of the system is a pair of spring-loaded pliers, perfect for troubleshooting a variety of issues on an AR. From there, the 4.2-inch long 14-ounce device boasts wire cutters, hammering surface, bolt scraper, bit driver, flat head driver, hex wrench, knife, metal pick and bottle opener. The driver includes four bits, allowing it to work on the most common bolt and screw heads on today's modern guns. MSRP: $39.97 www.fire-field.com

PHLster Flatpack Cat Combo

Accidents happen, even in the controlled environment of a target shoot. With a Flatpack in the range bag, you've got peace of mind you're prepared to handle any eventuality. Outfitted with a North American Rescue CAT model tourniquet, the mobile system deploys at a moment's notice and stays in complete order the rest of the time with rugged electrostatic cord and an injection-molded backboard. Ideally sized (5″x2.5″), it carries as easily on your person as it does in your pack. MSRP: $52.94 www.phlsterholsters.com


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