Affordable and innovative, MTM’s Tactical Handgun Case line keeps pistols safe and secure.

Getting a handle on MTM’s new hard cases:

  • Tactical Handgun Cases come in three-, four- and six-gun capacities.
  • The shells are made of impact-resistant plastic.
  • The interior is lined with mil-spec foam.
  • Each is water and dust resistant.
  • The cases run from $34.95 to $49.95 depending on size.

As long as there’s a duck blind to slog into, the soft case will always be around. But for everyday use, their days are numbered — no matter how many gear pockets are stitched on the side. The era of hard cases is upon us and thankfully so. No other option offers firearms more protection and shooters more versatility and convenience than good-old impact resistant plastic and foam.

TPC4 Tactical Handgun Case
TPC4 Tactical Handgun Case

Given their popularity and improved manufacturing processes, hard cases are also more affordable than ever. No longer simply reserved for jet-setting hunters, hard cases are within reach of the everyday shooter and are as ideal for granddad’s old deer rifle as they are for a $5,000 precision tack driver.

TPC3 Tactical Handgun Case
TPC3 Tactical Handgun Case

MTM Case-Gard offers a fairly extensive selection of just such hard cases and recently expanded their catalog to include top choices tailored to handgun shooters. Available in three sizes (three-, four- and six-gun capacities), the Tactical Handgun Case line has an option to fit nearly any gun collection or handgunner’s need. Each sturdily built, they offer peace of mind, whether going from point A to B or stowing a handgun when not in use. Additionally, the cases come with that almighty extra every shooter needs — extra space for more guns and ammunition.

TPC6 Tactical Handgun Case
TPC6 Tactical Handgun Case

Constructed with impact-resistant plastic shells and lined with mil-spec foam, each Tactical Handgun Case — the TPC3, TPC4 and TPC 6 — holds firearms securely in place, no matter how bumpy a trip may get. Furthermore, they offer a level of climate control every shooter should look for in a hard case. Multi-point latches, with the aid of an O-ring, seal the lid to the body making the cases impervious to water and dust, keeping your precious firearms in full working order in even the crummiest of climates. Also nice, the cases offer a level of security, outfitted with lock points compatible with any standard padlock. It’s not Fort Knox, but it will stop a lookie loos from fiddling with your stuff at the range.

Conveniently, MTM Case-Gard includes ample carry points — one-point top on the three-gun case, two-point side on the four and six — to ease toting around a Tactical Handgun Case. And honestly, there are few transport/storage systems more affordable — that are worth their salt, that is. Depending on size, the cases run from $34.95 for the three-gun Tactical Handgun Case to $49.95 for the six-gun.

For more information on the Tactical Handgun Case line, please visit:

TPC3 Specs
Exterior Dimensions: 9.3” x 15.3” x 9” (H)
Capacity: Three guns and ammunition
MSRP: $33.95

TPC4 Specs
Exterior Dimensions: 17.2” x 10.7” x 9.2” (H)
Capacity: Four guns and ammunition
MSRP: $42.95

TPC5 Specs
Exterior Dimensions: 19” x 15.75” x 8” (H)
Capacity: Six guns and ammunition
MSRP: $49.95

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