Was Election a Victory for Gun Owners?


Add to this mix “pro-gun” Democrats and Second Amendment-friendly leadership in both chambers (assuming Sen. Reid still feels he needs to be), and yesterday appears to have been a good day for gun owners.

At the federal and state levels.

How did races in your state and district go?

I linked to some resources on Monday so that we could see how candidates were rated by NRA and GOA, as well as some other online resources, and encouraged readers to independently assess their options.  You can compare those to election results, courtesy of CSPAN. Click on tabs for U.S. Senate, U.S. House, Governors and Ballot Initiatives.

So doesn't this mean we're not going to see any more anti-gun legislation, at least at the federal level?  After all, we've retained a Senate Majority Leader we're told will strangle anti-gun legislation in its crib. And it takes both the Senate and the House to send a bill up to the President for signature. How can anything attacking our gun rights get through?

Are we safe?  Can we relax?

Does anyone think the anti-gunners are going to fold up their tent and go away?

Does anyone think politicians will now place commitment to principle over self-interest?

Does anyone think we're not one major “gun free zone” incident away from new opportunities for the citizen disarmament cabal to exploit? Read more

Source: Gun Rights Examiner

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