Virginia Supreme Court: Universities Can Ban Firearms


George Mason University SealThe Virginia Supreme Court has ruled that state colleges and universities can ban firearms, even those carried by people with concealed carry permits, from campus buildings and campus events.

As reported by the Roanoke Times, “The court affirmed a lower court ruling against Rudolph DiGiacinto, who sued the rector and board of visitors of George Mason University in Fairfax, arguing that the university's ban on firearms in campus facilities and at events violated his constitutional rights.”

“But a lower court found, and the state's highest court agreed, that under both the state and federal constitutions college facilities are considered ‘sensitive places’ where the right to bear arms may be curtailed.”

Of note, campuses like George Mason and Virginia Tech University do not have total bans on firearms.  “Weapons are disallowed in university facilities and at events such as football games,” the Roanoke Times noted.  “But students living on campus who wish to bring firearms to school may register them with the Tech police and store them at the police department.”

The Corps of Cadets represented another exception to the firearms policy. “According to the student handbook ‘organizational weapons of the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets, approved by the commandant, are not prohibited by this policy.’”

Source: Roanoke Times 1/14/11

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