Video: When Is It Justifiable to Draw a CCW Firearm?

Video: When Is It Justifiable to Draw a CCW Firearm?

Concealed carry expert Dr. Bruce Eimer, licensed clinical psychologist and NRA certified firearms instructor, discusses when you are justified in drawing your CCW firearm for personal protection.

Bruce Eimer, Ph.D is the author of Armed: Essential Guide to Concealed Carry

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  1. This is not a grey area.
    The introduction of deadly force has to be present before a drastic action can be taken.

    At any point did the instructor analyzed what in court will be called:
    “The introduction of deadly force”
    As in: Grabbing a firearm, pulling a knife, swinging a bat, etc.
    A punch or mere words are not it!.
    “Someone bigger than me” is not either.
    Remember 12 people of the jury will have to buy the story.

    In essence, according to him there’s a justification to kill an assailant based on his/her size and attitude.

    A lawyer should explain this point more sufficiently.

    • You are obviously are not familiar with the concept of disparity of force, a legal justification for use of a deadly weapon.

  2. Not a bad video, but I was disappointed that he is walking around with a bottle of pop or water while he’s doing a video taping. Doesn’t portray a very professional image. As for the info relayed, I believe the most important part of the message was: Did or do you fear that your life was in jeopardy. Hopefully, there was a display of some type that indicated they had the ability to inflict undue harm upon you. There is also the fact that in some states you must attempt to diffuse (retreat) from the confrontation and Not Stand Your Ground. In general, this video leaves a lot of important information out and you need to check the laws in any state you plan to protect yourself in, before you visit there.


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