Video: Security Camera Captures Man Shooting Robbers

Video: Security Camera Captures Man Shooting Robbers

This incredible video from shows a concealed carrier defending himself and the patrons of an Internet cafe against a pair of armed robbers. What would you have done in this situation? Do you think he reacted appropriately?


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  1. Bravo! When THEY, bad guys, learn we, entitled citizens of America, are able and willing to deploy our concealed weapons in defense of ourselves and others, THEY will be a whole lot less likely to strike at those honest people going about their legal business. They will then be limited to establishments displaying “NO FIREARMS ALLOWED” signs! We need more people to step up! Imagine if several brave armed citizens had been in theater #9 in Aurora Colorado! We could have a very diffrent outcome! Let’s work on restricting criminals, not legal weapons! Good Job dude!

    • Your comment above regarding the Aurora Colorado shooting “Imagine if several brave armed citizens had been in theater # 9,…we could have a very different outcome”…who in their right mind would have returned fire, in the dark, with the suspect fully outfitted in protective gear???We LIKE to think that guns in the right hands could have changed the outcome. Even police fully armed with all they have could have lost a battle against the shooter.Having MORE guns in a situation is not always the right answer.
      Yes, I do support the second amendment and I am a NRA member.I feel like getting rid of high capacity magazines would be a step in the right direction, without getting hysterical.

      • graciedarling, this is all armchair quarterbacking and we will never know what would have happened if a lawfully armed citizen was on hand. What would have been critical to subduing the shooter would have been training. Most crimes, muggings, rapes, etc.., happen in low light situations and those conditions are where most people train the least. Though firing at paper targets in broad daylight or under florescent lighting may not have helped much it IS better than nothing. As for the protective gear, a round or two rounds received in the vest at 1200 fps (depending on weapon), may have provided enough lag time to get bodies on top of the assailant. When his weapon jammed and he was transitioning to his backup would have been an optimal time to return fire. Once again..this is all armchair QB and we will never really know.
        P.S. If we outlaw high cap mags (easy to purchase online from other countries) only the outlaws will have them.

  2. I can’t help but notice two things. One, it is an older gentleman, bravo for him. Second, notice how he keeps his finger “off trigger” when not in attack mode. A well trained, older gentleman. Double bravo…….

    • wvumounties8. I second your comments. I also liked how he picked the perfect moment to get the gun out. I had to rewind it to see where he came from. Triple bravo! 🙂

  3. The State Attorney won’t file charges on the 71 year old good guy … and if the SA did, no jury in Marion County (Ocala, FL) would convict him. Both would-be robbers were wounded and are in jail. Here’s the initial article from the Ocala paper:
    And here’s the follow-up story, with the SA’s statement:

    “Hours after his release from the hospital, Henderson, who talked about the pain he feels in his buttock and hip, said the plan was to “barge in, get the money and leave.” He said “he never expected anyone to be armed.”

  4. After watching this again it appears that the robbers were trying to round everyone up to one location. Not a good thing.

  5. As an after thought, I hope that this guy had the hindsight to have purchased a USCCA Membership, (

    Should the DA decide to file charges, this membership could help defray some or all of the cost of an attorney, possibly even keep him out of jail.

  6. I agree with Dr. Griz. The last shot out the door was uncalled for. Although his body was charged up with adrenalin, I believe they will honor his as a hero but he will be charged. He looked at the gun at the last as if to say “What the hell is this doing in my hand?” I still applaud his actions. If the had not acted what could the possible ending have been?

  7. There are still some “Good Guys” out there after-all, however, what appears to be the last shot at the two robbers as they fled out the door was uncalled for and probably illegal.

    In Missouri, once the threat is over with, there is no justification for the continued use of deadly force. This guy might still be charged with the use of deadly force by the DA.

    Did you happen to notice the customers that seemed to wonder aimlessly while all this was going on. Next time they really need to remember…duck and cover.

    Bet with in a few days the cafe will post “NO Firearms Allowed” in the entrance. Stay away from such places.

    It’s great advertizing for an armed gunman to come in and rob the place without any fear that someone is carrying a concealed weapon.

  8. I did not see this on any of the major new channels. Did I miss it or is this the typical bias of the anti-defense news media?


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