The revolver offers many advantages, but also many challenges. A while back we posted a video of Massad Ayoob addressing one of the tricky aspects of the wheelgun — the reload. This time around, a couple other Gun Digest authors tackle another key facet to getting the most out of this style of handgun — the trigger pull. Yup, the handgun’s heavy double-action can throw some for a loop. But as Grant Cunningham and Rob Pincus demonstrate in the above video, it’s really just a matter of understanding and getting a feel of the mechanism.

One of the more interesting aspects touched upon in the clip is the use of dryfire. Both firearms instructors hint they don’t believe in overdoing this type of practice. Instead, they find it a useful exercise to jog muscle memory just before live fire practice. Mr. Revolver (Cunningham) also touches on another important point of the trigger pull on a double-action, well worth paying attention to. That is, the movement of the finger. As those who have spent most of their days on the business end of something such as a striker-fired pistol soon find out, its is much more pronounced on a revolver.

Get More Cunningham and Pincus

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