Buy a handgun and a holster, then it’s off to the races. If only concealed carry were so simple.

From proper training to the right equipment, the discipline has a multitude of aspects that must be considered and carefully weighed before responsibly carrying. One facet that should be thoroughly examined is exactly what type of gun will be carried and how it will remain concealed.

<a href="" target="_blank">Learn more from Mas!</a> Six indispensable resources from Massad Ayoob. Act now, limited availability.
Learn more from Mas! Six indispensable resources from Massad Ayoob. Act now, limited availability.

The above Panteao Production video featuring personal-defense guru Massad Ayoob covers the expansive topic of handgun concealment very well, given its brevity. And what Ayoob talks about basically boils down to to one thing – potential tradeoffs.

A sub-compact pistol might disappear under nearly any wardrobe you wear, but can you shoot it well? At the range you knock the X out of targets with a full-sized service pistol, but can you practically conceal that beast everyday?

These are a few questions anyone thinking about concealed carrying should ponder. Mas gives some food for thought well worth chewing on before slapping hard-earned money down on equipment that might prove nonviable soon after it’s utilized.

By the way, Gun Digest blogger Joseph Terry has some solid posts on selecting the right holster for your lifestyle HERE and HERE. And our own online editor Corey Graff has written a book on the topic of concealed carry holster available HERE.



Make Ready with Massad Ayoob: Deadly Force FAQ

The use of deadly force has many consequences and the more you understand the law and what you should or should not do, the better off you will be. In this video Mas reviews the most often asked questions he has received over the years pertaining to the use of deadly force. Mas talks about what situations justify deadly force, disparity of force, castle doctrine, stand your ground law, presumption of justifiability, civil liability, the myths associated with defending yourself, and more. If you carry a firearm for self-defense or keep one in your home, this video is a must see.

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