Video: Going Big with the Glock 20

Video: Going Big with the Glock 20

Glock made a lot of noise this year with the introduction of the G40. The long-slide 10mm is just the ticket to get handgun hunters’ hearts a thumping. But, as fans of the Austrian pistols know, this wasn’t the company’s first foray into large-bore handguns.

Glock has had a long history with the 10mm, offering two models in the caliber before this year. The above video, from YouTube gun guru Sootch00, gives a good rundown of one of these beasts – the Glock 20.

Watch the entire video, because he gives a solid synopsis of the round’s history and the gun’s unique applications around the world. He also makes a pretty good case on why, despite being a relatively large handgun, the G20 might be a better personal-defense option than some other large-bore options out there.

Most interestingly, Sootch00’s highest rating of the G20 comes from its shootablity – not a complement common to the caliber. He credits Glock building the pistol around the caliber for this trait, something not found in pistols that are just 10mm adaptations of existing designs.


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