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A lot of people with hopeful intentions argued that Barack Hussein Obama will be too busy with the economy to worry about gun issues. Well, that’s been put to rest. It’s not even March and he announced through his anti-gun Attorney General Eric “You Are All Cowards” Holder that he is going to pursue a new “assault weapons ban.” The reason? There are too many fully automatic rifles in Mexico.

Somehow it’s all our fault. Well, it’s the fault of that pesky Second Amendment. The Obomination crowd isn’t going to tell Mexico to handle its own problems or even try to control our borders. Instead, the fix is to take away the guns you and I own. Which apparently are not even the guns that the Mexicans are using.

The ABC news report on Feb. 25 that broke B. Hussein’s intentions included this: “Some recent Mexican army and police confrontations with drug cartels have resembled small-unit combat, with cartels employing automatic weapons and grenades.” Of course, an informed person would know that the Mexicans are not getting automatic weapons or grenades legally from the United States. But logic and truth are little impediment to the Obama steam roller to totalitarianism. Sure, it may pause at socialism for a brief time, but that’s the true destination.

Anybody who has been watching the news and is aware of his tactics could see they were positioning for this with the escalation of reports coming out of the Mexican border areas of too many guns. One ABC news report from Brian Ross and Richard Esposito carried the headline: “U.S. Guns Arming Mexican Drug Gangs; Second Amendment to Blame?” In the minds of fools like Brian Ross, our Constitution and our freedom are the reason that Mexico has a drug dealer shoot-em-up problem? Maybe, but it’s more likely that they are simply useful idiots for the anti-gun forces rallying behind “The One.”

The guns in question are illegal in Mexico, proving that gun bans do not work. The logical approach would be to tell Mexico to enforce its own laws, and maybe give them a little help with that. Also, if the U.S. truly is the source, the guns are being smuggled, illegally, across the border. Wouldn’t you think that perhaps some control on our borders might be the answer? After all, they’re shipping drugs, illegal immigrants, and probably terrorists into the U.S., so logic would show that tightening up on the border might make sense. No, in the minds of our leaders, the problem clearly is our Constitution.

The reason? Our Constitution, including the First and Second amendments (both under attack right now by this administration and its minions) is in the way of their goals. They must find a way to whittle away at them until they are gone. “We simply cannot tolerate dissenting opinions or armed citizens.”

Holder went on to say that Obama also wants to ban “cop killer bullets,” an issue put to bed decades ago. What he really means is they want all your ammo. Any deer rifle will penetrate a ballistic vest and can be called a “Cop Killer.” Holder says that they want to close the mythical “gun show loophole,” but it’s how they plan to ban all private sales of firearms.

This is just the beginning. They hide behind the shield of “reasonable gun control” and point out Obama is only interested in a “few small gun issues.” Like ending all private ownership of guns and ammo. Why all the fuss? Why can’t you NRA guys be reasonable? (Why can’t he provide a birth certificate?)

For those gun owners who voted for this train wreck all I can say is, you should be ashamed.

At the rate he and Congress are spending money, we are probably headed for a total economic meltdown anyway. Also, he is all but ignoring the terrorist threat, which will result in more domestic terrorism. What role owning guns will play after all that is something to think about.

Speaking of Obama, the spell checker in my computer doesn’t recognize his name and wants to change it to Osama. Do you think it is trying to tell me something?

Barnes Bullets

Barnes has a new line of bullets called RRLP, which stands for Reduced Ricochet, Limited Penetration. They’re designed for law enforcement, but those of us who enjoy shooting at steel targets with our rifles will like them as well.

They’re basically the same bullets as Barnes Multi-Purpose Green bullets. While they work well in any firearm, they’re designed specifically for AR type rifles. They have a cannelure to crimp to and stand up well to the rigors of a semi-auto rifle.

The Barnes Reduced Ricochet, Limited Penetration (RRLP) bullet is designed to dump its energy into the target, making it ideal for a self-defensive round.

The bullets feature a frangible, powdered-metal, copper-tin core inside a gilding metal jacket. That means they’re lead-free, which is important for some ranges. They are also frangible, so the risk of a ricochet is greatly reduced and they’re less damaging to steel targets. Of course, the key to any bullet on a steel target is velocity, but if you keep the velocity to a safe level, these bullets are kinder and gentler on the steel.

They include a 55-grain .224, 140-grain .308 and a 108-grain .310 for 7.62x39mm rifles. On that last one, note that some rifles use a .308 bore for the 7.62×39 chambering, including a lot of current manufacture sporting rifles. But most of the military surplus rifles will have a .311-inch bore. For those, this Barnes bullet is a good choice.

I have not personally tried the bullets on anything except targets, so all I can comment on is accuracy, which is excellent in my rifles.

Reports from people I trust say they are deadly on coyotes and other vermin. I am told that the 140-grain .308 bullet is a sight to behold when it hits a coyote. With no exit, it’s dumping a lot of metal and energy in a short time.

Those same terminal characteristics make these a good choice for home defense. The lack of deep penetration and the total dumping of all energy and bullet material in the target not only gets the job done fast, but also helps eliminate the danger to family and neighbors from a pass-through.

The bullets are a little pricy because lead-free components are expensive. But they do bring a premium in performance and safety.

One other good point: They are available. Most bullets for these cartridges are in short supply right now due to the “Obama Guns and Ammo Sales Recovery Program,” but Barnes is filling 99 percent of its orders.

Bryce Towsley is one of the country’s best-known firearms writers. Check out his website at


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