The End of Canada’s Long-Gun Registry?

The End of Canada’s Long-Gun Registry?

As you read this, Canada’s federal government will have reportedly introduced new legislation, “to kill [that nation’s] long-gun registry,” the National Post reported.  “Since it came into force in 1998, lawful gun users say they have lived with intense surveillance, and sometimes harassment and prosecution by police.

After years of complaining about being treated as presumptive criminals, they hope the legal noose that has been tightening around their necks will at last loosen.”

“I feel like I have no rights,” said Lawrence Manzer of New Brunswick, who was charged criminally after taking an unloaded shotgun to help a neighbor during a disturbance. “They should be punishing criminals with smuggled, illegal guns and leaving us alone.”

According to Solomon Friedman, an Ottawa-based lawyer specializing in Canadian firearm laws, a huge problem with the current long gun registry is that, “all laws relating to guns are in the Criminal Code, and can only result in criminal charges. In effect, he said, Canada does not have a regulatory framework for firearms, only a criminal one.”

“If you forget to file your paperwork, it’s not a ticket, it’s a criminal record,” Friedman explained.  “The first thing that happens is you’re taken in handcuffs to the station, booked and you’re looking at custody and incarceration as a penalty.”

The long-gun registry has also been insanely expensive. When it was introduced by liberal politicians, the registry, it was claimed, would cost Canadian tax payers no more than $2 million dollars a year to operate. To date?  It has cost just under $2 billion!

Source:  National Post

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