Texas: Decision on Expanded Suppressor Use Coming This Month

Texas: Decision on Expanded Suppressor Use Coming This Month

Currently, Texans can use suppressors for firearms hunting of feral hogs, coyotes, and nuisance animals, with the proper authorization to own and purchase suppressors, of course. But suppressor use in the Lone Star State could be expanded and soon.

“The Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission is considering a rule that would allow the use of suppressors, which reduce the muzzle report much like a muffler dampens car noise, to be expanded for hunting game animals, game birds and alligators,” the Amarillo Globe-News reported. “The commission will review phone calls and online comments until March 28 and vote on the change the following day, said Scott Vaca, the agency’s assistant wildlife enforcement chief. If the agency approves the proposal, Texans can begin hunting game with suppressors on Sept. 1, he said.”

The Globe-News added that, “Proponents such as the National Rifle Association said that the use of suppressors results in increased accuracy, reduced recoil and muzzle blast, protection against hearing damage and decreased noise pollution.”

Texas officials are not alone in their consideration of suppressors. “Similar legislative efforts are under way in Arizona, Indiana, Oklahoma and Georgia.”




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