Texas A&M Students Want Concealed Carry on Campus

Texas A&M Students Want Concealed Carry on Campus

Concealed carry at Texas A&M?Recently, the Student Senate at Texas A&M University passed a measure requesting campus-wide concealed carry. As reported by the student newspaper, The Eagle, “The student senate voted 38-19 to ask A&M university officials and state lawmakers to permit concealed carry license holders to bring handguns inside university buildings.”

The student senate's Texas A&M Personal Protection Bill, reads, in part:

Seeing a need for self-preservation against criminals, rapists and mentally unstable persons, we seek change in state law and Texas A&M University policy.

As The Eagle noted, “Texas is one of 21 states that ban concealed weapons on campus. It's a felony under state law. Five states have provisions that allow concealed carry on campus: Colorado, Mississippi, Oregon, Utah and Wisconsin, and legislation is pending in two states.  In Texas, concealed weapons are only banned in university buildings or arenas, and can be carried in open areas, walkways and parking lots. The Texas Penal Code allows individual universities to permit concealed weapons, but no public university in the state has done so.”

The A&M students will receive some important help in their quest for concealed carry.  Alice Tripp, legislative director for the Texas State Rifle Association, said permitting concealed carry on campus is the group's No. 1 goal for the upcoming session's Tripp said concealed carry holders exercising their rights on campus will make universities safer.

“College campuses are predator magnets, and we're talking about an individual [the permit holder] who has a license,” Tripp said.

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