Terrorism: One More Reason to Carry

Journalists, policemen, and emergency services in the street of the shooting, a few hours after the January 2015 attack. Photo by Thierry Caro
Journalists, policemen, and emergency services in the street of the shooting, a few hours after the January 2015 attack. Photo by Thierry Caro

There is a lot to be concerned about when it comes to terrorism and the manner in which many recent terror acts have been carried out around the globe. Concealed carry is a practical solution.

Two misguided brothers stormed the publishing offices of magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris early this year, killing 11 people and injuring 11. Weeks earlier, a gunman took hostages in an Australian café. The standoff ended when police stormed the building, killing the assailant. Two hostages also died.

In Denmark, a gunman shot and killed two people at a forum before shooting several more outside a nearby synagogue. Even our neighbors to the north in Canada witnessed a soldier killed by a crazed gunman who then stormed their nation’s Parliament building before being shot.

Could such an attack happen in America? Even notoriously anti-gun politician Sen. Dianne Feinstein thinks so.

“I think there are sleeper cells not only in France but certainly in other countries and, yes, in our own,” CNN and The Washington Times reported. “This calls for vigilance.” A January poll also showed that “65 percent of Americans believe it is at least somewhat likely that an attack” in the United States will occur.

So what can we do as citizens to be vigilant and ensure our families and ourselves are safe? Both Robert Sadowski’s “Survive a Terror Attack” and Dick Jones’ “Essential Training for Concealed Carry” offer great insights to help you be prepared for just such an event.

Most experienced trainers wisely warn against ever engaging an armed attacker during an active shooting if escape is an option. As private citizens, most of us lack the training, skills and resources to come out on top in such a situation.

But if you find yourself with no chance for escape, that gun you carry could mean the difference between survival and becoming a statistic. I personally don’t want to be a statistic.

This article appeared in the March 2015 issue of Gun Digest the Magazine. Click here to download the issue.

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