Taurus Goes Large With Release Of The Full-Sized G3

Taurus Goes Large With Release Of The Full-Sized G3

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The first full-sized pistol of Taurus' G-series, the G3 boasts all the line's desirable qualities, including an affordable price.

What The Taurus G3 Has To Offer:

  • Longer 4-inch barrel
  • Enhanced-capacity 17-round magazine
  • Unique striker-fired system, capable of second strike
  • Cocking serrations fore and aft

Taurus caught some lightning in a bottle with the G2c. Hitting the sweet spot for price and performance, the long-on-features polymer-frame pistol has become among the bestselling handguns of recent years. Its single-stack sibling, the G2s, hasn’t fared badly either.

Taurus hopes to keep the ball rolling with the unique striker-fired series as they go large with the release of the full-sized G3. Essentially a scaled-up version of the G2c, the double-stack 9mm has all the features of the older iteration, but boasts a 4-inch barrel. It might not sound like a lot, but the extended sight radius and bit more heft have the potential to make the G3 all the more accurate, particularly shot to shot.

It’s a bargain too, just like the rest of the G-series. Taurus lists its MSRP at $345.23, which means it should move around the $300 range once it hits your local gun store’s display case. Pretty decent, particularly since that’s nearly half the price of most comparable pistols in its class, and with what all the G3 offers.


Like the compact and slim versions, it has both a manual, passive and trigger safety, drift adjustable rear sight (white three-dot system) and decent ergonomics. But its trigger is where the action is at. The line has an interesting fire system, offering second-strike capabilities, which is quite out of the ordinary for a striker-fired pistol. Nevertheless, it’s hard to argue against the piece of redundancy, particularly on a personal-defense handgun.

It will be interesting to see if the up-sized G3 sparks the same interest as its smaller G-series compatriots.

More from Taurus:

(Miami, FL) – Taurus®, a leading innovator in handgun technology for personal defense, hunting, and competition, is excited to announce the release of their first full-size G-series pistol. The new G3 9mm semi-auto represents the next generation in the Taurus G-series polymer-frame handguns.

For the last several years, the Taurus G2c pistols have been among the most popular everyday carry 9mm handguns due to their ergonomic design, reliable performance, ease-of-operation, and class-leading cost-to-performance ratio. Since the G2c series debut, consumers and dealers have been asking for a 4-inch barrel version of this innovative pistol. Those calls have now been answered with the release of the new Taurus G3.

The G3 continues the proven polymer-frame profile of the G2c but in a full-frame configuration. Highlights include generous stippling patches across the grip for maximum control and retention in any shooting condition, an ergonomic palm swell and side-frame Memory Pads that provide quick, positive, and repeatable hand positioning. The frame also incorporates an integrated Picatinny rail. A manual safety and slide release lever are optimally positioned above the thumb for easy manipulation.

Another refined element of the G3 is the 6-lb. trigger. It is designed with a smooth take-up and a surprisingly crisp, clean break exceeding that of typical striker-fired pistol trigger performance. A short reset promotes quick, controlled follow-up shots. Unlike most single-action firing systems, the G3 offers second-strike capability.

Although full-frame in size, the G3's profile makes it well-suited for concealed carry. Uniform beveling along the front of the slide and frame combined with a steep contoured bevel along the back of the slide minimize clothing snags. Generous front and rear machined serrations along the slide ensure a no-slip grip for cartridge chambering and slide manipulation. Additional slide features include a drift-adjustable rear sight, loaded chamber indicator, steel guide rod and spring assembly, and the choice of carbon steel or stainless-steel finish.

The Taurus G3 comes in six different models, offering consumer options in slide finish and magazine capacities (two 10-round mags, two 15-round mags, or one 15- and one 17-round mag), with MSRPs of $345.23 or $360.70, depending on the model configuration.

Taurus G3 Specifications
Caliber: 9mm Luger
Capacity: 10, 15, or 17 (with extended magazine)
Finish: Matte Black / Matte Stainless
Grip/Frame: Polymer
Firing System: Single Action with Restrike Capability
Action Type: Striker
Safety: Manual and Trigger Safety, Striker Block
Sights Front: Fixed (White Dot)
Sights Rear: Drift Adjustable (White Dots)
Slide Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
Slide Finish: Matte Black / Matte Stainless
Overall Length: 7.30″
Overall Width: 1.25″
Overall Height: 5.20″
Barrel Length: 4.00″
Weight: 25 oz. (unloaded)
Magazines Included: 2×10, 2×15, or 1×15 and 1×17
Packaging Size: 12.5″ x 6″ x 1.75″
Packaging Weight: 2.75 lbs.
Additional Feature: Picatinny Rail (Mil-STD 1913)

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