SHOT 2015: The SIG P320 Line Continues to Grow

The SIG P320 line has grown, in part, with the release of a new Subcompact model.
The SIG P320 line has grown, in part, with the release of a new Subcompact model.

SIG Sauer hasn't rested on its laurels when it comes to one of its newest lines of pistols.

A year ago, the European/American gun maker took its first foray into striker-fired pistols with the introduction of the P320. Now the line of modular, polymer handguns is growing in every perceivable way.

While there are all sorts of new additions to the line, perhaps the weightiest being a subcompact model. And it appears SIG has given the new variant the dimensions to make it a dynamite primary or secondary carry piece.

At 6.67-inches long and 1.06-inches wide, P320 Subcompact is comparable to similar pistols on the market. Where the double-stack looks to gain an edge on the competition is weight, tipping the scales at a svelte 24.9 ounces with a magazine.

Like the earlier iterations of the pistol, the P320 Subcompact is modular, with nearly every major part of the pistol interchangeable. This means the handgun can change size and caliber, all without a single tool.

The P320 accomplishes this through its one-piece stainless steel frame/fire-control module. This is the only serialized part, meaning it is the only part considered a firearm. The rest of the pistol is interchangeable, from grip to slide to barrel.

The subcompact is being released in 9mm, with a 12-round magazine. The model, however, is compatible with 15- and 17-round magazines. The subcompact model has an MSRP of $713.

SIG is also making its P320 line a bit bigger in another small way, with the edition of .45 ACP Compact version. The model is slightly larger than the subcompact at 8-inches in overall length and 26-onces. The firearm has a 9+1 capacity and a MSRP of $713.

Adding the venerable round was always in the cards for the P320, SIG said as much a year ago when it released the line. And it should be received well, especially among the American shooting pubic given the popularity of the .45 ACP.

Finally, SIG is adding to new colors of the P320 – flat dark earth and two-ton flat dark earth. The FDE is finished in a PVD finish with matching polymer grip module. The two-tone FDE model has a FDE grip module and Nitron finished slide.

Gun Digest Book of SIG Sauer, 2nd Edition

Gun Digest Book of SIG-Sauer, 2nd Edition



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